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Gateway Campus Parking

Did you know that parking on Gateway campuses is free? To ensure proper parking procedures please observe the following. At the Edgewood Campus, the lot across the drive and adjacent to the NAHSC building is owned by St. Elizabeth. This is for their employees and people who have parking stickers issued by St. Elizabeth. Parking in this lot may result in being towed. Gateway parking lots at the Edgewood Campus are located behind, and bordering, the NAHSC building. There is also a Gateway parking lot in the back of the Student Services Building.

At the Two Rivers building (formerly known as the Urban Center) and the Center for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise, parking is available in the Midtown City Garage located at 5th and Scott Boulevard. Students, faculty, and staff park free with validated tickets. A parking validation machine is available inside the Center for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise building, in the UB106 office area near the elevator and rear entrance. At the Two Rivers building, a parking validation machine has been installed outside of the front office.

Students, employees, and Gateway visitors can also park in the City Center Garage on East 7th. To receive validation for parking in this garage, visit the front office or a security guard at the Two Rivers Building or the Center for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise. The front office or guard will give you a new card that can be used to exit the City Center Garage free.

When parking in garages, be sure to properly park in the spaces by parking inside of white lines. Do not park in restricted areas or striped areas. Parking improperly may result in a citation from ABM Parking Services.