Did you get it? | GCTC

Did you get it?

A SNAP! emergency test message was sent out yesterday morning to everyone who is signed up for SNAP!

If you didn't get the message on your phone and/or email, it means you're not signed up.

Sign up at http://kctcs.edu/snap as a first time user and
you'll receive email, voice and/or text messages for KCTCS emergencies.

Now, for step-by-step details on how to sign up for SNAP:

1. Go to http://kctcs.edu/snap

2. Click on the Sign Up Now link.

3. On the School Messenger page do one of the following:

Under First Time User, click Sign Up Now link and fill out form.

If already signed up, but forgot login/pa$$word, enter email and school messenger will email you the information.

4. Go to the email you chose in step 3 and click on emailed link for confirmation code.

5. Activate your account by entering the pa$$word you chose in step 3.

On the School Messenger screen, click on Contact Information.

6. Choose college(s) you want to receive text messages from.

7. To opt in for phone calls and text messages, under Notification Preferences click Add More.

8. Choose Phone Call and SMS Text.

9. Enter phone number and click Next.

10. Follow the steps listed on the page that pops up to activate text messages. You'll need to call a toll-free number to activate your phone to receive text messages.