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$350** Per Person. Every Tuesday from 12–2pm. Starting April 23 at Boone Campus.

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10 Topics over 10 Weeks

Learn leadership qualities, styles, and behaviors to build rapport, motivate, and provide feedback effectively by reorganizing style differences in others and providing constructive feedback.
Differentiate tough descisions, explore the emotions-decision link, and employ strategies for overcoming concerns and implementing change, including dealing with a fear of failure and delivering difficult messages.
Navigate criticism, manage creative infividuals, understand humor's impact, and sustain innovation amidst business challenges while addressing misconceptions and applying problem-solving laws and risk-taking techniques.
Master communication strategies amid change and uncertainty through active listening, setting expectations, collaborative discussions, and guiding employees in learning new tasks.
Build trust with empathetic language, initiate positive converations, deliver messages tactfully, practice effective listening, cope with difficult responses, generate altenatives, and follow up for relationship enhancement and minimizing negativity.
Learn to recognize collaboration opportunities, set expectations, develop a collaborative mindset, navigate behaviors, strengthen networks, involve key players, define objectives, foster culture, and address obstacles.
Distinguish between performance management and coaching while focusing on strengths. Learn to guide positive discussions and create individual development plans using diverse coaching methods like mentoring, job rotation, and delegation.
Learn the five conflict management strategies, their appropriate usage, create a resolution plan, and establish epectations for preventing unnecessary conflict through clear communication and modeling right behaviors.
Identify communication traits, assess strengths, set goals. Foster balanced team communication, accountability, integrity, connectedness, and confidence. Capitalize on creativity, improve skills, combat conflict, use user stories for outcomes.
The DiSC Workplace assessment evaluates workplace preferences and communication styles, categorizing participants into Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This session guides participants in interpreting and applying insights for improved workplace interactions, fostering discussions, encouraging self-reflection, and developing strategies aligned with their DiSC styles.

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**Pricing listed is after KCTCS TRAINS Funding and administrative fee is applied. Total training cost without KCTCS TRAINS Funding $1,000. KCTCS TRAINS Funding covers 75% ($750) of total training; administrative fee adds 10% ($100). Total cost of training for qualifying companies $350.