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Endowed Scholarships and Professorship

Funding Scholarships

Thank you for offering me this scholarship and opportunity to better my education. My children and I are extremely grateful. I would like for you to know that I give no less than 150% to my studies and I will continue to persevere. Please rest assured that your generous scholarship investment will be put to good use. -Gateway Scholarship Recipient

Despite our affordable tuition, an estimated 85 percent of our students require financial assistance to attend college. An annual or endowed scholarship will ensure that more students are able to attend college without having to work multiple jobs and sacrifice family obligations.

Some companies and individuals choose to contribute an annual sum to support a scholarship.

For every $30,000, a scholarship endowment can be created to support one student full time for a year. Thanks to the generosity of previous donors, Gateway offers a variety of scholarships to students. Consider establishing a family scholarship through monthly, quarterly or annual contributions. Contact us for information.

Establish an Endowed Chair or Professorship

Endowing a chair or professorship allows Gateway to recruit and retain faculty in high-demand programs, including nursing, allied health, manufacturing/engineering, construction trades and related technologies. Every new full-time faculty position means that the college will be able to teach and train between 50-200 new students, depending on the area of study.