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Teaching & Learning Center

Gateway's Teaching & Learning Center allows faculty to energize their teaching style by exploring new teaching pedagogy and examining new formats. Through this self-development, faculty will actively pursue the ways to provide students with improved classroom experiences so they can more deeply retain what they have learned.  Simply put, Gateway's TLC is an educational change agent focused on improving the both the faculty and student experience.  

Programs and Services

Join the T&LC for a conversation about your deepest passion: Teaching. Together, we can discuss Active Learning, design a larger project, discuss best practices, review instructional techniques, outline curriculum and course concepts, build authentic assessments, review classroom design, explore the affective domain, craft individual professional development opportunities, discuss presentations and publications, or anything else relating to your craft. These coaching appointments are specifically driven with an end goal of creating targeted improvement in your classroom.

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If you have classroom technology questions or would like a blackboard consultation to improve your course, please request a consultation using the button below.

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Course sequencing often covers content repeatedly.  By completing a thorough curriculum for a program, faculty are better able to develop course materials that incrementally increase difficulty and more thorough understanding of content by students.  Additionally, faculty will be able to better support one another in their programs, recruiting, and advisory meetings. 

Faculty can come together in a formal learning community to share best practices, problem solve, self-study topics, and seek advice and support amongst their peers. Learning communities typically meet one or two times a month to reach a common goal:  bettering the educational experience of Gateway’s students.

Dr. Kerri McKenna
Associate Professor

Sharon Down
Associate Professor

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