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Employee Development

Interested in further developing your talents?

Gateway pleased to support employees in opportunities like the following external leadership programs. We are grateful for the past support of the Gateway Foundation and investment in our employee development programs. Since 2009, over 75 individuals have completed external leadership programs. Please read the descriptions below to determine the program best suited for your professional growth. Please contact Human Resources for consultation and consideration.

LNK uses the community as a classroom to develop leaders to effectively serve the region. The nine-month program is designed to help a diverse group of potential, emerging and existing community leaders acquire an understanding of the strengths and challenges of the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area and the skills necessary to motivate and engage others in collaborative efforts. More information can be found here.

  • Teri VonHandorf
  • Phyllis Yeager
  • Amber Decker
  • Mallis Graves
  • Patrick Lamping
  • Jamie Younger
  • Andre Washington
  • Kristen Smitherman-Voltaire
  • Amy Hatfield
  • Doug Penix
  • Fernando Figueroa
  • Darrin McMillen
  • Christi Godman
  • Adrijana Kowatsch
  • Erica Marye
  • Tiffany Minard

Cincy Next is a leadership development program offered through the Cincinnati Regional Chamber’s Leadership Center. This seven-month program is designed for professionals within their first eight years of employment seeking professional and personal development, as well as the opportunity to become better connected to the region.

  • Laken Sweet

SOAR is a one-of-a kind professional development program for high-potential women who have proven their readiness to advance within their organization. These women typically have 7-17 years of experience and have demonstrated a willingness to take on new leadership challenges and responsibilities.  SOAR is also an opportunity to learn from peers. Rooted in a discussion-rich, humanities-based curriculum, SOAR takes into account the different style of leadership women bring to work.

  • Ingrid Washington
  • Mallis Graves
  • Teri VonHandorf
  • Amber Decker
  • Denise Critchelow
  • Shelby Krentz
  • Dana Franxman

Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) is designed to establish a strong network of women in the Greater Cincinnati higher education community. The program exposes women in professional roles to the administrative structure and environment of a college or university. The program consists of one 2-3 hour session per month. The sessions begin in the evening and are hosted on a rotating basis by participating institutions. Expected program topics include: Team Building, Negotiations, Career Mapping, Dispositional Hiring and Leadership, Legal Issues in Higher Education and Diversity.

  • Amber Decker
  • Teri VonHandorf
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Shelby Krentz
  • Natasha Vallette
  • Sandy Ortman-Tomlin
  • Amber Carter
  • Susan Santos
  • Nicole Stout
  • Mallis Graves
  • Denise Fritsch
  • Melissa Sears
  • Autumn Shuler
  • Laken Sweet
  • Ashely Rouse

The region’s most comprehensive board training program, is designed for those looking to grow their skills to the next leadership level – becoming effective board members and helping nonprofits meet an amazingly diverse range of community needs. 

  • Karen LaRosa
  • Denise Critchelow
  • Sarah Young
  • Caprise Johnson
  • Stacey Delap

The African American Chamber of Commerce is initiating an educational and developmental leadership program for African American Young Professionals. The 6 month program consists of the following topics:

  • ​The Importance of Mentoring, Developing and Working your Network
  • Elevator Speech Preparation
  • Presence, Professionalism, and Impact
  • Developing confidence negotiating your pay
  • Seizing opportunities to advance your career
  • Overcoming career obstacles, roadblocks and other pain points
  • Managing Conflict Resolution
  • Civic Engagement

Learn more here.

  • Tyneah Harris
  • Latavia Walker

Core Growth is a 6-month leadership development program that uses Wiley’s Work of Leaders model as a framework for the curriculum. Participants form a close learning community as they explore four modules (self, vision, alignment and execution) through a variety of interactions, speakers and experiences. Learn more here.

  • Sandy Ortman-Tomlin
  • Mallis Graves

Teachers As Leaders Empowering New Thinking Skills (TALENTS) - A presentation of the Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education (KACTE), which has it's mission to develop and provide leadership and advocacy to advance Career & Technical Education.

  • David Schaefer
  • Lance Nelson

The Academic Leadership Development Institute (ALDI), coordinated by the Council, provides a series of highly-interactive sessions and small group seminars led by faculty and administrators from across Kentucky and other states. The goal is to create a learning community of early career, underrepresented minority faculty and staff who are on track for professional advancement.

Find more information here.

  • Adarrell Owsley
  • Chris Russey
  • Erica Clayton

The KCTCS Innovative Educator Academy (IEA) is a faculty-driven, system-focused, innovation think-tank/design-thinking multiday academy. During the four-day event, KCTCS faculty and instructional support staff learn to unleash their ability to identify, create, and implement innovative solutions to common challenges faced by faculty and students across KCTCS. The IEA specifically engages faculty and staff in the process of generating new ideas, creating and implementing new methods of instruction, improving procedures, and integrating other innovations to grow student enrollment while improving student success and retention

  • Carmelita Gallagher
  • Josie Griffin
  • Glenna Herald
  • Meredith Ramler
  • Thomas Selzer
  • Sarah Smith
  • Reva Stroud
  • Eileen Walter
  • Meredith Ramler
  • Irish Wilkin
  • Cassandra Stamper
  • Gabe Lipscomb

The KCTCS Leader Enrichment and Development (LEAD) Academy is designed to strengthen and develop KCTCS faculty and staff aspiring to become transformational leaders in higher education by providing opportunities for leadership exploration, growth, reflection, and awareness. The LEAD Academy seeks to cultivate an internal pipeline of qualified talent for future roles in educational leadership preparing faculty and staff for leadership roles and developing the skills necessary to overcome the many challenges leaders face in the ever-changing educational landscape.

  • Emily Sayers
  • Christina Powers
  • Rebecca Tuemler
  • Laken Sweet
  • Denise Fritsch
  • Patrick Lamping
  • Dina Shields
  • John Hall
  • Mia Brown
  • Ashley Rouse
  • Holly Allen
  • Anita Adkins
  • Paul Tontillo
  • Steve McGuire
  • Maddie Kues
  • Meredith Ramler
  • Ellen Teegarden
  • Chris Russey
If you have questions about which program might best fit your professional development objectives, contact Amy Hatfield