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New Horizon Awards of Excellence

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) New Horizon Awards of Excellence were designed to recognize and encourage faculty and staff in their daily quest for excellence. The New Horizons Award of Excellence was created by KCTCS in 2003.

Each year, faculty and staff member s are selected from each of the 16 KCTCS colleges for recognition. Honorees are selected by a committee of their peers for outstanding service to their colleges, their community and their support of student success. Honorees demonstrate leadership in every aspect of their lives, including community involvement, student outreach, professional development and support for their college.

The following are Honorees of the New Horizon Awards of Excellence from Gateway Community & Technical College:

2015- Kerri McKenna PhD, Faculty; Paul Tipton Jr., Administrative Staff; Josh Risch, Support Staff
2014- Nancy Ritzenthaler, Faculty; Phyllis Yeager, Administrative Staff;Connie Wiedeman, Support Staff
2013- Charles Warburton, Faculty;Brenda Campbell, Administrative Staff; Kay Hon, Support Staff
2012 Carissa Schutzman, Faculty; Mallis Graves, Administrative Staff ; Tess Burns, Support Staff and Recipient of KCTCS Statewide Award
2011 Susan Chaney, Faculty; Amber Decker, Administrative Staff and Recipient of KCTCS Statewide Award; Linda Brandenburg, Support Staff
2010 Sam Collier, Faculty; Colleen Kane, Administrative Staff; Sharon Poore, Support Staff
2009 Dr. Michelle Deeley Wilhite, Faculty; Dr. Patricia Goodman, Administrative Staff; Nicole Chaney Stout, Support Staff (first year for two staff awards)
2008 Terri VonHandorf, Faculty; Dale Meyer, Staff
2007 Melissa Fry, Faculty; Mattie Watts, Staff
2006- Marinell Brown, Faculty; Rebecca Moening, Staff
2005- Paula Kuhnen, Faculty; Cindy Sproehnle, Staff
2003- Tom Collins, Faculty; Angie Taylor, Staff
2004- Mike Tucker, Faculty; John Brown, Staff