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Information Technology Services

Quick Reference Guide

The mission of the Information Services Department is to provide state of the art planning, development, and maintenance for the highest level of administrative and academic computers, network support and all applications, training for faculty, staff, and students. We provide technical support for telecommunications, Internet, Intranet and other related technologies.

Contact Campus IT Support at 859-442-4100 or by email at

Tier One Service Topics:

When student needs to set or reset their password- log in on Information Commons area computer with login from Information Commons lead. This login will only allow access to the User Account Center and no other webpage or program on the computer.

Launch Internet Explorer and follow the procedure to set/reset password.

If error continues – escalate to IT services

When a potential student or someone that does not yet have an account needs to access a computer (to look at our website, class offerings, fill out registration/admission forms, FASFA, etc. Log in on Information Commons area computer with login information from Information Commons lead.

Help them navigate to the web resources they need to use to become a student.

1. Visit  

2. Go to MyPath at the top of the page. Sign into MyPath if you are prompted to.

3. Click on your photo in upper right hand corner

4. Select My Account

5. Click "Install Office" 

​This should download an installer for Office 2016 for Mac, or Office 2016 for Windows.  You can go ahead and proceed with the install and follow the instructions.  When prompted for a login, please sign in with your KCTCS information as that is how you will 'license' it. 

  • Browser issues that won’t allow them to connect to email or wifi
  • Software/Hardware questions and advice
  • Account issues that won’t allow them to set or reset their password
  • Issues with the SNAP emergency broadcast messages: they want to removed, they want to change their phone numbers or add other numbers or email addresses, they didn’t receive the message