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Quick Reference Guide

Tier One Service Topics:

Tuition and fees may be paid via, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash. Current students can make tuition payments on-line using their Student Self-Service account. See below for additional instructions.

Gateway offers a payment plan that enables you to pay tuition and fees during the course of the semester. This option requires you to have access to a credit card or bank account. For further information, contact the Business Office at 859-815-7627 or

  • If a student is eligible for a Financial Aid refund, the refund is typically dispersed 5-6 weeks after the start of classes.
  • Students must choose their refund preference. Refunds can be loaded to the Higher One Card, wired to the student's existing bank account or a paper check can be made out from the Business Office located at the Edgewood Campus.
  • If a student has further questions regarding their refund, escalate using SKYPE or submit a ticket for resolution of issue.

Through Student Self-Service, students access online paying in the “Finances” area.

Account Summary box > Make a payment > Specify Payment Amount > Select Payment Method > Confirm Payment. Make sure to “Submit” your payment before going on to the next page.

Cash tuition payments are accepted at the Edgewood Business Office during all Information Commons hours. If a student wishes to pay tuition via cash at the Boone Information Commons or the Urban Information Commons and a Student Account Specialist from the Business Office is not present, please call 859-815-7627 for assistance or Skype the Business Office expert on duty.

  •  ID replacement fee, $10.00
  • Adding printing to your paper cut account $10.00 or under (overage of funds on student print account DO NOT carry over to the next semester)
  • Tuition payments (see below)

Using the triplicate numbered receipt book, record every cash transaction.

  • The top (white) copy is given to the customer
  • The second (yellow) copy is clipped or staple to the payment and dropped in the drop lock box located in each commons.
  • The third (pink) must remain in the receipt book for audit purpose per KCTCS regulation reasons.
Any financial aid that is unused in a semester is refunded to the student. This amount can be loaded onto the Higher One debit card, wired to the student’s personal bank account or mailed in check form to the student’s home address. A bright green envelope with full details of the student options for handling any financial aid refund arrives to the students home 5-10 days after enrollment.

Gateway Community & Technical College has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:

Please verify the student's identity, current address, and phone number. Contact the Business Office via phone, ticket escalation or Skype.

FIN this is a Business Office hold, viewable if student is logged in to their PS student self-service site. The details of this hold are in the comment section of the hold. If the student requires additional information regarding this hold, escalate to Tier Two Service.

WRO The student account will not show a balance, however they do owe the College a previous balance. Escalate to Tier Two (unless a WRO hold also has a DOR hold…see below)

DOR The past due balance is now in collections with the Department of Revenue, State of Kentucky. The customer should contact them direct at 502-564-4921 ext. 5368

COL escalate to Tier Two Services complete with the student current contact information

NOR a no refund hold may be placed on a student account by the business office or by financial aid. The two most common reasons for a NOR hold: a class was paid for with Financial Aid, then dropped, however no refund is due because the drop in credit hours caused an over payment award amount of Financial Aid. Funds will need returned to the Federal Government.

Second reason: previous refund was sent through the refund process and returned due to bad address information at HigherOne. Escalate to tier two if further information is needed.

A FHD HOLD IS NOT A Business office generated hold. FHD holds are placed on later class start schedules by the Financial Aid Office. The FHD will be removed when it is the appropriate time for Financial Aid Funds to Distribute. (Approximately 5 weeks after the student’s classes have begun)

A LIB HOLD IS NOT A Business Office generated Hold. See Library Section for further information and instructions.

  • Student may add print on line 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with a credit or debit card. Just follow the simple direction located above all student copiers.
  • If a student does not have a credit card and wants print added to their papercut account the commons will accept cash payment not to exceed $10.00 (100 copies).
  • Please remind the customer/student that unused printing dissolves at the semester end and does not roll over to the next semester.
  • Write a receipt and give the original copy to the customer, drop the yellow copy with the cash in the cash box, and call / skype / instant message the business office with the user sign on name. (Example jdoe0050) The business office will immediately load the student print account. If IT is working the commons, they also have access to load the print. If IT loads just shoot a quick email to the Business Office for cash tracking / print audit purposes.

Students sometimes drop paperwork off to have their tuition waived. Scan/send any document as email to Student kctcs email should be included in the scan transmission.

Foster Care/ Adoptive waiver: 
Scan and send to Financial Aid at GTWED business office.

Senior citizen waiver: 
Scan the Kentucky State ID or license and send to Records Department.

Employee/Spouse KCTCS waivers: 
These are all done electronically through the employee’s self-service account and are routed and approved at the KCTCS System level. (no action from the commons needed)

Students may drop off authorizations for various companies. Scan and send to the business office and Please also note in the email a current phone number for the customer.

Students often need a copy of their schedule with the final grades posted and a copy for their billing statement. Most companies providing tuition reimbursement require the paperwork to have the College Bursar Seal. This would require tier two business office service.