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Quick Reference Guide

Tier One Service Topics:

Student should attempt to login to the computer system using their log in information. If unable to do so, may require a password reset at the User Account Center.

Most classes will be marked “unavailable” until the instructor sets it to open, which is usually on the first day of classes, but sometimes before then. NOTE: When a student enrolls in a course that uses Blackboard, he/she will not see that course listed in Blackboard until the next day due to the time it takes for processing.

Blackboard provides a “Student Support” tab at the top of the Blackboard page.

Try one of the following:

  • Try a different browser: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer
  • Contact the instructor and ask for assistance
  • If your instructor cannot help or is unavailable, please contact the Center for eLearning during regular business hours, 859-815-7780,, or through our ticketing system.
  • Contact the Blackboard Technical Help Desk: (855) 346-4282 (Option 4)
  •  Did student use his/her KCTCS email account?
  • Has it been a full day since enrollment (24 hours)?
  • Has student emailed a second time? If not, they should do this in case it slipped by the instructor.
  • If student has tried several times, he/she should contact the Center for eLearning. Tell them to provide the following information.
    Provide name: Joe Smith Student 
    Name of course and class number: ENG 102 – 55643 
    Instructor’s name: Sally Baker Teacher

Complete the online drop form

Items other than above will need to be escalated to e-learning staff via SKYPE.

Center for eLearning during during regular business hours, 859-815-7780,, or through our ticketing system.