Reimagining Remote Teaching Volume 29 | GCTC

Reimagining Remote Teaching Volume 29

by Dr. Kerri McKenna - April 26, 2021

I do not know about each of you, but I am amazed this is the last week of classes for the academic year.  While the days have been long and hard for each of us, the year has gone remarkably quickly despite the challenges and continuous chaos.

With this in mind, I am requesting you each take a moment to share the lessons and insights you learned this year in the below collaborative document.  Feel free to provide feedback in life in general or simply within your classroom.

Either way, this is our opportunity to share how we survived, and at times, thrived this year. 

Now, I know we had 86% of the faculty participate in the promotion let’s shoot for at least 88% on feedback!

Can you all do it, amazing Gateway Faculty???  I think so!

Oh, one other thing – feel free to make comments on each other’s thought’s, as well!  My goal is to compile all of the feedback this summer and provide each of us with something at the beginning of Fall 2021!


Thanks you, in advance, for your efforts in celebrating your past year.


The Teaching & Learning Center

(IE – Kerri)