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Paramedic to RN application

Paramedic to RN Program

Applications for this program are currently closed - applications will open April 1, 2023.

Gateway's Paramedic to RN program creates a direct path for paramedics who want to transition into a nursing career. 

Paramedics often decide to continue their education to become registered nurses because there are more jobs and growth opportunities in the field. Completion of the program at Gateway will help paramedics become flight medics, emergency room nurses and will open management opportunities.

Gateway’s paramedic to RN program not only creates new opportunities for paramedics, it also helps to close the nursing gap. The Kentucky Center for Statistics estimates that the state will need more than 30,000 additional registered nurses by the year 2026. Training paramedics to be registered nurses is one of the fastest ways to get new nurses into the field. 

With all the previous training experience, paramedics will be able to complete the paramedic to RN program in three semesters; summer, fall and spring, allowing them to finish in one academic year. 

Classes for the program will primarily be on Gateway’s Edgewood Campus

Gateway’s nursing courses are offered in a combination of both classroom and laboratory experiences that is then applied in clinical settings at a variety of community agencies.

The Paramedic to RN program is a selective admissions program.