Guidelines for Acceptable Computer Use | GCTC

Guidelines for Acceptable Computer Use

The library is dedicated to ensuring free and open access to information for all members of the
college community and the library is committed to providing access to information in a variety
of formats. Information resources are valuable and any willful and knowing unauthorized use,
alteration, or destruction of these assets is a computer related crime punishable under KRS 434
of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Computer Use Policy

We subscribe to and support the principles of intellectual freedom embodied in the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read statements. To the extent possible, the library does not restrict access to any resources including the Internet. Users are bound by the guidelines presented in the Gateway Community & Technical College Student Handbook under the heading Services: Use of Equipment and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System’s Student Code of Conduct, Article III – Policy Governing Access to and Use of KCTCS Computing Resources (Administrative Policy 4.2.5). This section of the
Student Code of Conduct is also available in the Gateway Community & Technical College Student Handbook.

Users of Gateway Community & Technical College’s libraries must abide by the regulations established by Title 17 of the United States Code. Title 17 outlines United States Copyright legislation.

Computing Privileges

The library reserves the right to give priority for the use of computing resources to our students, faculty and staff. In addition, computer users should be aware that any illegal use may result in criminal prosecution and termination of computing privileges.

Offensive Materials

Gateway Community & Technical College’s libraries provide unfiltered and unregulated Internet access. The Internet provides information that can be educational, entertaining, and informative. The value of this information is subjective to each library user. The Internet also contains material of a controversial and extreme nature. While Gateway generally does not monitor and has no control over the content of the material accessed, some material is not appropriate in the public setting. Use of the college computing resources to disseminate offensive material is prohibited. Violators of this policy may lose their access privileges.

The staff of the Department of Library and Information Services reserves the right to ask library users to discontinue accessing materials if the materials may be offensive to a reasonable person or create a hostile environment for other users. Examples of the types of behaviors that are unacceptable when using college computing resources include:

  • Accessing pornographic materials and sexually explicit graphics
  • Displaying or transmitting profane, abusive or threatening language
  • Transmitting threatening, obscene or harassing materials

Users that repeat these behaviors or use library computers to violate the Student Code of Conduct or perform any illegal activities may have their privilege to utilize library computers terminated at the discretion of library staff.

Computing Guidelines

Assess to computing resources is granted to an individual by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) solely for the grantee’s own use. Every user of the KCTCS computer resources has two basic rights regarding computing: 1) privacy; 2) a fair share of the resources. It is unethical and a violation of this policy for any person to violate these rights. All users in turn are expected to exercise common sense and decency (due regard for the rights of others) with respect to the public computing resources, thereby reflecting the spirit of community and intellectual inquiry at KCTCS. Access is a right that may be limited or revoked if any individual misuses the right or violates applicable KCTCS policies or state or federal laws.