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Voices Literary Magazine

voices literary magazine 2017

Black and White Photography
First Place – Lenora Edwards

Second Place – Dawn Cropen Baker

Third Place – Tamera Arellano

Katie Daniels

Carson B. Fentress

Julianna A. Cooper

Kaitlyn Cox

Tamara Arellano

Sierra Jones

Casey Jones

Cierra G. Hernandez

Jeremy Dinn

Samantha Roth

Maleah and Haley Hirin

Flash Fiction
First Place – The Theatre by Amanda Bowman

Second Place – Farie’s Aire and Death Waltz by Katie Daniels

Third Place – The Ruins of a Broken World by Cierra G. Hernandez

First Place – Tracing a Drop of Blood through the Heart, Katie Daniels

Second Place – Unapologetically American, Yabi(sera) Yohannes

Third Place – The Dance, Denicia Williams

Thoughts of Growing Old, Sarah Williams

I asked for a river and you gave me a stream, Arden Bolia

My Daughter, Danika Pence

Depression, Emily Hornsby

Untitled Poem, Amanda Nurlu

Ralph, Carson B. Fentress

I Need My Girl, Carson B. Fentress

Divided We Fall, Katie Curry

Maybe for good, Amanda Bowman

William Riley, English Department Writer of Distinction 2018 - Dreams of Tomorrow, Delivered Today

Short Essay
First Place – Diversity in my Literacy by Stacy Picazo

Second Place – The Dream by Enrique Espinoza Jr.

Third Place – Untitled by Nicole Winkler

English Department Writer of Distinction, 2017 – Chang’s Bridge by Katie Daniels

A Hero’s Story by Tara Tucker

Sunday Football by Casey Jones

Forty-Five Minutes of Terror! By Kayla Voneye

Myself by Jake Anderson

The Inquiring Mind of Daniel Wayne by Danielle J. Tracy

What is Success? By Alisha M. Fuentes

What is Love? By Kevin Pham

Surviving Mt. Everest with Rocky Road Ice Cream and a Sketchpad by Samantha Roth

First Place – Dear Mom, Jordan D. West

Second Place – A Midnight Manifesto, Alexander Marshall

Third Place – Never a Hero by Katie Daniels

Trust, Darika Pence

Gifts, Tamela Hensly

Rose Garden Park, Jacqueline Woods

Charles, Charles Lowery

Mechanism in the Modern, Russell Discher

Love Shouldn’t Hurt, Grace Hatfield

The Negatives of Positives, Vanessa Kyle

William Riley, English Department Writer of Distinction 2018 - Dreams of Tomorrow, Delivered Today

Personal Essay
First Place – The Eye Opener by Collin Humphrey

Second Place – A Midnights Snowy Winter’s Dream by Amanda Nurlu

Third Place – Dream by Brittany Bishop

Drugs: The Devil at Its Finest by Keli Alexander

Good Parent, Bad Parent by Tarsha Henderson

What is Wealth? By Ryan Stivers

The Hellion Wastes by Richard J Jenner

Conservatism by Lance Dallary II

Reflections on “Shitty First Drafts” by Daniel J Kelly

Fire (Beyond Definition and Into Human Relation) by Amanda Nurlu

voices literary magazine 2016

Black and White Photography
First Place – Joseph J Radenhausen

Second Place – Nick M Tober

Third Place – Leah M. Wafford

Dolores C. Clark

Alexis K. Webb

Stephanie K. Verst

Nick Tobler

Flash Fiction
First Place – Breathe by Grace S. Hatfield

Second Place – The Reluctant Princess and the Lady Knight by Katie L. Daniels

Third Place – A Voice Within by Michelle Hardman

voices literary magazine 2015

First Place – Tick Tock, Bobby Pollick

Second Place – Panic, Stephany Snow

Third Place – Unspoken Words of a Troubled Soul, Heather Reynolds

This is me, Marie Bruan

Untitled, Tara Howell

Trains, Justin Tichenor

Where the Angels Fly…, Shelley Piper

Untitled, Marie Braun

Grandparents, Justin Tichenor

William Riley, English Department Writer of Distinction 2018 - Dreams of Tomorrow, Delivered Today

Flash Fiction
First Place – The Waiting by Kenneth Spicer

Second Place – Dignity by Daniel Franklin

Third Place – The Stalker Crow by Justin Conrad

Black and White Photography
First Place – Annalise Glenn

Second Place – Jill Frakes

Third Place – Kenneth Spicer

Rachel Sonon
Jasmine Law
Claire Evans
Annalise Glenn
Maggie Pyle
Jennifer Wilham

Leo Christian

Katharine Davis

Jill Frakes

Sarah Schieders

Heather Christy

Kenneth Spicer

Short Essay
First Place – Daydreaming by Lauren Engel

Second Place – Be Careful What You Wish For by Chris Henry

Third Place – Riding on the Bus by Shelby M. Creech

English Department of Distinction, 2015 – The Reality of Perception by Lauren Engel

Contentment by James Rich

A Sailor’s Tale by Kenneth Spicer

Will You Play With Us by Tara Howell

Black: More Than Just a Color by Shalisa Davis

Waking Up by Ray Bisson

To Touch The Sky? By Kayll Kirk

Black and White Photography
First Place – Cori Storms

Second Place – Taylor Shields

Third Place – Billy Barley

Fourth Place – Jake Carpenter

Fifth Place – Brittany Baker

First Place – Silent Witness, Richard Gallagher

Second Place – Early In the Morning, Stephen Kierein

Third Place – Blue, Heather Byerly

First Place – What is Love? By Michelle Ball

Second Place – Why I Hate Heroin by Gabrielle Greathouse

Third Place – What is a Teacher? by Randrea Smith

Essay of Distinction/English Department Selection 2014 – Where Have All the Hippies Gone? by Kenneth R. Spicer

Runner-Up of Essay of Distinction/English Department Selection 2014 – Behind Bars by Gabrielle Greathouse

Short Story
First Place – The Day My Life Changed Forever by Betty Pack

Third Place – Journey to the Heart by Alex Severino

Tim’s Death by Chrissy Schmidt

voices literary magazine 2014Photography:
Sydney Long

Amanda McGrath

Garrett Carlson

Kara Alford

Beth Bickel

Eberado Perez

Phillip Dischar

Kara Kitts

Jordan Shields

Isaiah Hamlin

Julia Green

Maggie Carrino

Shannon Clifton

Kayla Cooper

Amber Moore

Douglas Setter

Claire Gehardstein

The Lonely Ball, Stephen Kierein
Abigail, Charles Finn
The Wild West, Alex Severino

On the Bloody Road to Victory, Stephen Kierein

Summer, Stephen Kierein

The Call to Arms, Stephen Kierein

Sadness and Consolation, Stephen Kierein


Black and White Photography
First Place – Shania Connor

Second Place – Joshua Anderson

Third Place – Thomasenia Cooper

First Place – A set of Instructions, Shania Connor

Second Place – Behind Closed Doors, Heather Byerly

Third Place (TIE)  – Flawed, Jeremy Daughtery and Where I Come From, Douglas Houze

Every Second of Every Minute, Michael W. Phillips

I Seen Yesterday How This was a Bad Decision, Gregory Hall

Little Things, Caidan Bailey

(To Mom and Dad), Michael Desseker

Kiowa County Blues, Rock Neelly

My Life, Marsha Garrison

Lost in a Sea of Faces, Laura Witzke


First Place – A Hero’s Farewell by Martha Moore

Second Place – Growing Pains by Michael W. Phillips

Third Place – My Rose by Rob Himes

Karma’s Father by Kimberly Parece

Life Change by Yen Nguyen

My Psychotic Neighbor by Matthew Kresnak

Lost in a Sea of Faces by Laura Witzke

Samantha Ponder

voices literary magazine 2018


Chloe Johnson
Danielle Orth
Amanda Featherston
Shania Conner
Joshua Anderson
Ashley Phillips
Amelia Wilbers
Elizabeth Rowe
William Parker
Cody Westerman
Kelly Cocagne
Joshua Anderson
Clara Evans
Laura Witzke
Summer Fletcher
Ryan Wermeling

voices literary magazine 2018Creative Non Fiction
First Place – My Amorous Affair with Languages by Thomas Andrikus

Second Place – Stuck in Time by Emily Neidhardt

Third Place – Novi Zivot (New Life) by Melisa Halilovic

What is Fear? By Crystal Noonchester

My Rocky Road-Life by Jordan Dyer

I do by Ashley Driggers

Autism by Therese Miller

Fear of Centipedes by Thomas Andrikus

God’s Blessings by Angela Driggs

What is SIDS? By Shellie “Stella” Massey

The Life I Did Not Want and Sure Didn’t Ask For by Laura D. Menefee

Let Me Count The Ways! By Timothy Norton

Life Lessons by Beth Survant

Holocaust in Uganda by Sara Nash

A National Guard Soldier by Brittany Ratliff

ZED by Taylor Shelton

What is a Family? By Kristy Weber

Behind My House by Shay Conley

Short Stories
First Place – Bird Island by Anthony Nunez

Second Place – A Hero of War by Edward D. Beckelhymer

Third Place – Star Crossed by Lee Broines

Shadows by Sara Nash

The Flood by Vincent Long

Among Friends by Jessie Mae Oravec

Reign of Terror by Therese Miller

Crinkled Tulle and Crinkled Toes by Emily Neidhardt

Dark Side by Edward D. Becklehymer

Games by Tonya Johnson

Grandma’s Quilts by Rita Rednour

April Fool’s Day by Angela Driggs

The Life Experiences of Hotdog by Shirley Stivers

First Place – The Locust by Therese Miller

Second Place – Young and Gifted by Gregory Hall

Third Place – Carousel by Tommy Cropper
The Line, Damien Blair
And Then There is Me, Anonymous
Voices, Paula Williams

Defense, Niko Bakunawa

Break-Up Letter, Jordan Dyer

Alcoholism, Shelly B. Cooke

Spotlight, Anonymous

All That Will Never Be, Lisa Bush

Zombies, Taylor Shelton

More Than Just Friends, Thomas Andrikus

The Promise, Lee Broines

The Mission, Clint Townsley

Last Path, Edward D. Beckelhymer

My Daddy Changed Before My Eyes (Don’t Blink), Shirley Stivers

Handy Husbands, Jessica Fox

Innocence, Edward D. Beckelhymer

Untitled I, Anonymous

Send Down An Angel, Jessica Fox

AKA: Nervous Smile, Gregory Hall

Haiku, Tiffany Morgan

White Rose, Belinda Runyon

Harbinger, Lee Briones

The Heart of a Woman, Stacie Sexton

Untitled I, Rita Rednour

A Forked Road Map, Tiffany Morgan

The Break-up, Sarah Henderson

Ex-Library Glue, Beth Survant

Life’s Lessons, Teresa Meyer

Life and Baseball, Donny Williams

Intensity, Beth Survant

Gone, Teresa Meyer

Delights of Spring, Thomas Andrikus

Hungry, Elizabeth Larison

Strong, Brooke Messmer

The Book of Grace, Stacie Sexton

Taking Harry to the Vet, Melissa Fry

Lonely Strange Fellow, Rachele Johnson