Current Issue of Voices Literary Magazine | GCTC

Current Issue of Voices Literary Magazine

Black and White Photography
First Place - Savanna Ross

Second Place - Madison Leiprecht

Third Place - Alison Shepard

First Place - Feminine by Chloe Holbrook

Second Place - Goodbye by Nathalie Mccomas

Third Place - Owner of No Land by Tamasha Green

Flash Fiction
First Place - Wonderers of the Future by Andrew Stevens

Second Place - Peace by Juanita Smeal

Third Place - She Screamed by Allison Anderson

Short Essay
First Place - The Library Card Debacle by Spencer Zwick

Second Place - Food Insecurity by Taylor Six

Third Place - The Yellow Wallpaper: A PSA for Women? by Kylee Matthews

voices literary magazine 2018

Hailey Stewart
Erica Lee
Emily Dodd
Dezy Owens
Courtney Zehnder
Pamela Jara-Sciaraffia
Abigail Birch
Tasha Enix
Mary List

Damaged Soul, Jamie Galliher
Mom's Hand, Christopher Rini
Valor's Sleep, Ondria Clines
Addiction, Cynthia Rodewald
Swimming in Regret, Camran Naziripour

William Riley, English Department Writer of Distinction 2018 - Dreams of Tomorrow, Delivered Today