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Product Number Service Description Retail Price
100 Diagnostic Evaluation Test hardware and software to determine the source of computer problem an recommend the best course of action based on the test results. $30.00
101 Custom Build Build a computer based on the clients needs/wants and their budget. Price Varies
102 PC Tune-Up PC Tune up and software update keeps your computer running at it best. Tune-up cleans hardware so it runs cooler, cleans your file system to optimize performance, test operating system and makes sure your system operates to it fullest potential $30.00
103 Fresh Install/Refresh Corrupted operating system, a fresh install may be the most cost effective way to resolve certain issues or you may simply want to upgrade your current system. $30.00
104 Tier Two Diagnostic and Operating System Includes an extensive hardware and software test to verify the system, then a complete restore and update of the operating system. $30.00
105 Hardware Installation Repair failed computer components or for upgrading a system with a new video card, sound card or other input device, larger hard drive to improve the computer performance. $30.00
106 Data Backup Service Back up of data from a working computer to protect it in the event of a full system crash/loss or to transfer files from one source to another. $30.00
107 Data Recovery Recover data from malfunctioning or otherwise inaccessible computer or drive. $30.00
108 Software *Price excludes software. Installation of a single software title. $30.00
109 Memory/Install-Upgrade Cost of memory. Installation of additional memory or replacement of bad RAM stick. $30.00
110 Laptop Screen Replacement Disassemble screen and inspect connections as needed. Replace or repair as needed. $45.00
111 Virus Removal Removal of malicious malware and viruses. Helps to improve your systems performance, and to prevent loss of personal files and documents. $30.00
112 Gift Certificate Free Service offered to client when presented with Certificate. -
113 Data Transfer Transfer of data from hardware to another location specified by the customer. $30.00
114 Hardware Cleaning Technician opens up system and cleans motherboard and components. $30.00
115 Disk Cleanup Clean up computer to compact files and make the computer run more smoothly. $30.00
116 Phone Screen Replacement Perform a screen repair-removing all remnants of the old screen and seeding the new screen. $55.00
117 Software Maintenance Service for quick software fixes such as forgotten password, locked out of machine, personal settings changed and cannot resolve. $30.00
118 Hardware Maintenance Service for quick hardware fixes such as fixing the casing of the computer or fixing the physical layer of the computer. $30.00
119 Tablet Screen Replacement Perform a screen repair-removing all remnants of the old screen and seeding the new screen. $60.00