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Frequently Asked Questions

DEI’s goal is to educate, embrace, and encourage as we provide inclusive spaces for students, faculty, and staff.

Gateway Community and Technical College established a Multicultural Student Center in July 2019 to serve under-represented students. The center was moved and reestablished as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Center in Fall 2021. The center is in E215 on the Edgewood Campus.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plays an important role in bringing people together, helping to form friendships and social support networks, and in helping communities to develop life skills and resilience. The DEI Center serves as a safe space for ALL students to build relationships, respect the identities of others, and encourage meaningful dialog.

These are principles that DEI has adopted to intentionally practice cultural competence throughout the college.

The DEI intentionally adopted the principles of Educate, Embrace, and Encourage to nurture diversity, equity, and inclusion competencies through educational programming, strategies to embrace difference, and encourage self-reflection through dialog for societal transformation.

Each program or activity for the month will fall within one or more of the three principles of Educate, Embrace, and Encourage.  

  • Educate – These programs are centered around education on a social or cultural issue/cause/activity or learning about themselves and/or members of the Gateway community.
  • Embrace – These programs will focus on heritage and cultural awareness programs to assist the Gateway community become aware of different cultures and explore how others live.
  • Encourage – These programs are intended to start meaningful dialog, self-reflection, and transformative interactions.  

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