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Student Accommodated Test Request

This form is for currently registered Accessibility Services students with test accommodations only. Please visit the Accessibility Services Application page if you would like to apply for accommodations. 

Student Accommodated Test Request

Students are required to discuss testing arrangements with instructors after notifications are sent by email. If an instructor cannot provide accommodations, or if you have scheduling conflicts, Accessibility Services can provide your test and exams. Students are required to adhere to the following procedures to schedule their exams. Failure to adhere to scheduling procedures could lead to the denial of exam requests. If you have any questions, please contact the Accessibility Services Office,, or (859) 442-4120.

Students will request proctored test or exam appointments five-business days prior to the requested date. Weekends DO NOT COUNT. (Example: If you have an exam on Wednesday morning, November 14th, at 10am, a request must be received by DS at or before 10am, Wednesday, November 7th.) In the rare cases where a five-business day notice is not possible (for example, a instructor reschedules a test), DS asks for the most amount of time possible.

Exams will be given on the same day and time as your class is scheduled to take the exam. Exam dates and/or times may be adjusted due to course schedule conflicts. Instructor approval is required in the event a student requests a differing date or time from the rest of the class. Instructor approval is also required if a student requests to reschedule their test or exam. Circumstances such as family or medical emergencies will be considered for test rescheduling.

Please check your Gateway email for confirmation of your scheduled test or exam.