September 13, 2018 Agenda and Minutes | GCTC

September 13, 2018 Agenda and Minutes

Board of Directors MEeting

Thursday, September 13, 6 pm
Center for Advanced Manufacturing – Convening Center, B123
500 Technology Way, Florence, KY 41042

Board Members Present

  • Ms. Sarah Bryant
  • Mr. David Schoenling
  • Mr. Sam Collier
  • Mr. Charles L. Session, Jr
  • Mr. Erik Hermes
  • Dr. Julie Smith-Morrow
  • Mr. Ken Paul

Board Members Absent

  • Mrs. Sonja Adams
  • Mr. Jeff Groob
  • Ms. Ivy Velez

Gateway and KCTCS Faculty and Staff Present

  • Dr. Amy Carrino, Dean of Business, IT and Professional Studies Division
  • Mr. Tim Chesser, Director of Safety and Security
  • Dr. Amber Decker, Vice President, Development
  • Ms. Jane Frantz, Executive Assistant, President’s Office
  • Dr. Fernando Figueroa, President/CEO
  • Ms. Christi Godman, Associate Vice President, Workforce Solutions
  • Mr. Patrick Lamping, Creative Strategies Coordinator
  • Ms. Erica Marye, Digital Marketing Manager
  • Mr. Doug Penix, Associate Vice President for Academic Services
  • Mr. Stephen Popple, Director of Knowledge Management
  • Dr. Susan Santos, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Teri VonHandorf, Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Mr. Andre Washington, Associate Vice President, Enrollment
  • Ms. Ingrid Washington, Vice President, Student Development
  • Ms. Phyllis Yeager, Director of Human Resources
  • Mr. Jamie Younger, Vice President, Administrative & Business Affairs


  • Ms. Debbie Cannatella
  • Mr. Joe Shields


  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance/Moment of Silence/Roll Call - Chair Paul
    • Board Chair Ken Paul, called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. The board recited the Pledge of Allegiance and observed a moment of silence. Roll call was taken. The record will reflect that a quorum was present.
  2. Oath of Office
    • Chair Paul administered the oath of office for the newly elected board members, Student Representative Sarah Bryant and Staff Representative David Schoenling. Chair Paul asked the new members to introduce themselves to the board. 
  3. Approval of Minutes
    • Chair Paul called for a motion to approve the minutes from the May 24 meeting. Upon motion by Mr. Chuck Session, and seconded by Mr. Sam Collier, the minutes of May 24, 2018, Board of Directors meeting were approved as presented and distributed. 
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Nominating Committee
      Dr. Julie Smith-Morrow spoke about the process for nominating and electing board officers. She distributed a committee report and presented the committee’s slate of officers. Elected officers serve a two-year term, unless their board appointment expires before the end of the officer term. The slate for 2018-2020 is Chair – Dr. Julie Smith-Morrow, Vice Chair – Mr. Erik Hermes, Secretary – Mr. Charles L Session, Jr.

      Chair Paul added that anyone may submit their name for office at the October meeting, when the vote will be taken.

      Dr. Smith-Morrow made a motion to approve the slate of officers as presented. Mr.
      Schoenling seconded it. All present voted in favor. 

    2. Other Committee Reports
      There were no other committee meetings since the May meeting, and there were no other committee reports. 
  5. Chairperson's Report
    • Chair Paul offered appreciation of the faculty and staff of Gateway and excellent Gateway education and student support. He reminded the board to review the updated documents from the Attorney General provided by the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) and to sign and submit the proof of receipt form. All documents were sent via email before the meeting and were included in the board packet.

      Chair Paul stated that he met with KCTCS President Dr. Jay Box to follow-up on the board evaluation of the president. Chair Paul asked Mr. Session and Mr. Hermes to update the board code of conduct. He stated that Ms. Sonja Adams has resigned from the board due to family responsibilities. He said that the new chair will present the 2019 meeting schedule and will make committee assignments at the October meeting. He asked board members to contact Dr. Smith-Morrow and himself with meeting date requirements and committee preferences before the October meeting. 
  6. President's Report
    • Gateway President Dr. Fernando Figueroa welcomed the board back to the first meeting of the fall semester. At Chair Paul’s request, Dr. Figueroa has included in the board meeting documents an updated infographic of the college and a summary of information to be used in presentations to the community. President Figueroa is asking the college to provide information to the board on each of the five strategic goals, with one goal to be covered at each meeting. At tonight’s meeting, Dr. Teri VonHandorf and Ms. Erica Marye will present strategic plan, plank 1 - strategically position Gateway Community and Technical College within the comprehensive educational landscape of the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Region. 
  7. Adjournment
    • Upon motion by Dr. Smith-Morrow, and seconded by Mr. Collier, Chair Paul adjourned the meeting at 7:15 p.m. 

Important Dates to Remember

  • Dean’s List Celebration October 24
  • Board Meeting October 25
  • Board Meeting December 6
  • Graduation May 16, 2019