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Tobacco Free Environment Policy

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Tobacco Free Environment Policy

Responsible Party

Human Resources
Gateway Healthy Place to Work and Learn Committee/Tobacco Free Task Force
Business & Administrative Services
Safety and Security
Student Development

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Policy Statement

Gateway Community & Technical College has a vital interest in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our students, employees, and visitors. We provide high quality, affordable, accessible, and inclusive postsecondary education and training resulting in a positive contribution to the economic vitality of the region and enhanced quality of life for all citizens. Research findings show that use of tobacco products in general constitutes a significant health hazard. In addition, tobacco use is a serious safety concern and has been specifically listed as a contributing factor in a number of college facility fires across the nation, many of which have resulted in fatalities or major damage.


A. “Smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette or pipe.

B. “Tobacco Products” means all forms of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes (hookah). Tobacco does not include nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, gum or prescription medication intended to assist an individual in quitting the use of Tobacco Products. 2

C. “Smokeless Tobacco Products” means all products including; electronic cigarettes, electronic vapor and all forms of vaporized electronic devices; snuff, chewing tobacco and dipping tobacco

D. “Members of the College community” include its faculty, staff, students, volunteers, suppliers, patrons, customers, guests and visitors.

E. “Property” includes buildings and structures, grounds, parking structures, enclosed bridges and walkways, sidewalks, parking lot and vehicles owned, rented or leased by KCTCS, as well as personal vehicles in these areas


This regulation applies to all members of the College community.

  • The use of all tobacco and smokeless tobacco products is prohibited on all property that is owned, operated, leased, or controlled by the College. (see definition of “property”).
  • Tobacco use in facilities that are not owned, leased, or controlled by the College are subject to the tobacco policies applicable to those particular facilities, and are exempt from this regulation.


Authority for enforcement of this policy is vested with the Vice President, Business & Administrative Services, Director of Safety or their designee.


The Tobacco Free Environment policy relies on the consideration and cooperation of Tobacco Product users and non-Tobacco users for its success. It is the responsibility of all Members of the college, as well as visitors to inform and observe this policy.

Violation of this regulation may result in corrective action under the Student Code of Conduct, Human Resources Policies and Procedures, or other applicable College Regulations or Policies. For the safety reasons, all visitors will be asked to adhere to policies while on campus. Visitors and others refusing to comply may be asked to leave the campus/property.

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Approval Date: 1/1/2014

Date of last revision: 8/1/2015