Personnel Selection Pre-employment Testing Services

We offer pre-employment assessment services to assist employers with employee selection or promotion. Assessments can include aptitude, basic skills, academic, personality and specialized skill testing. Testing can be administered on our campus or at off-site locations. Test packages can be customized and results are available the same day with some tests. We will be glad to assist you in selecting tests that measure traits important for each position.

WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring real world skills that employers find critical to job success. These skills are valuable for any occupation, skilled or professional, and at any level of education. Testing takes place in the areas of Applied Math, Applied Technology, Reading for Information, Locating Information, Writing, Business Writing, Listening, Observation and Teamwork.

Tests can be administered on paper or by computer. Kentucky students and employees can earn the Kentucky Employability Certificate through WorkKeys testing. The KEC certifies that you have earned high skill levels in the areas of Applied Math, Reading for Information and Locating Information.

NOTCI Industrial tests are designed to measure your knowledge or competencies related specially to industrial occupations. As with experienced worker tests, these are intended for evaluating individuals with a combination of education, training and work experience. We offer a wide range of testing. Please contact us for a list.

Bennett Mechanical is a test of mechanical ability, which is the ability to apply physical and mechanical principles in practical situations. Your scores can be compared to Aviation Mechanics, Steel Plant Workers, and other industrial occupations.

Personality Tests MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is a very popular and highly respected test that identifies personality types based upon differences in the way people perceive information and make decisions. Organizations can recognize individual differences and know how to make productive use of those differences.

To discuss testing packages and tests, contact Katie Carter, or 859-442-1159.