New Parking Procedure at Gateway's Urban Center | GCTC

New Parking Procedure at Gateway's Urban Center

To make it easier for students, faculty, and staff to park in the Midtown Parking Garage at the Gateway Urban Center, a parking validation machine has been installed outside the Urban Centers front office.

Please follow the procedure below to validate your parking ticket and park in the Midtown Garage for FREE:

1. Bring your Midtown Garage parking ticket to the parking validation machine located in the hallway outside the Urban Center front office door.
2. Scan the parking ticket. The scanning monitor will read validation successful
3. Upon exiting the garage, enter your validated parking ticket into the terminal
4. The gate will rise and you can exit the garage. Note: you will not get the ticket back.
5. You will need to repeat this procedure each time you park in the garage.

If you have any questions, contact Mallis Graves at the Urban Center.