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BEST Partner Sixth District Elementary Visits Gateway Campus

Fifth Graders from Sixth District Elementary School in Covington, will visit Gateway Community & Technical College Thursday, February 21, 2013. Twenty-five 5th graders will be at each of three locations from 11a.m. until noon, where they will meet with faculty and students, who have planned fun program-related activities. The programs involved are Visual Communication and Instructional Design amp;Learning Technologies at Oddfellows Hall, Criminal Justice and Auto Tech at the Covington Campus, and Mechatronics at the Boone Campus.

The BEST Partnership is a program through the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce that partners the business community with schools. Gateway has partnered with the Sixth District Elementary School to share resources and provide mentoring, volunteers, and service learning opportunities to the children of Sixth District and the staff, faculty and students of Gateway.

Please contact Heather Abbott or (859) 815-7634.