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Gateway and Sullivan University announce logistics and supply chain articulation agreement

Sullivan University and Gateway Community & Technical College are launching an articulation agreement that will allow students at both schools to work toward a bachelor degree in supply chain and logistics management, one of the fastest growing industries in Northern Kentucky.

The agreement - the fifth between the two schools - will benefit both students and employers in a region known as The Silicon Valley of Logistics. Graduates will receive a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Business studies with concentrations in management as well as in supply chain and logistics management. The "3+1" agreement means that students will spend three years at Gateway and one year at Sullivan, a variation of the more common "2+2" agreements where students spend two years at each school.

"Sullivan University has listened very carefully to employers in Northern Kentucky," said Sullivan University President and CEO Dr. Jay Marr. "This area has become a thriving hub of logistics and supply chain operations, and all indicators suggest this trend will continue. Northern Kentucky needs workers with professional skills in all facets of supply chain management, and Sullivan University is pleased to partner with Gateway to meet this ongoing demand."

“We are pleased to strengthen our partnership with Sullivan University," said Gateway President Dr. Fernando Figueroa. "The new “3+1” agreement gives our students a clear path to supply chain and logistics careers in our region,” said Gateway Community & Technical College President Dr. Fernando Figueroa. “We share the privilege of serving students and our communities. We serve them best when we partner to help them attain a better life.”

Sullivan University is based in Louisville and operates the Sullivan University Center for Learning in Fort Mitchell. Under the articulation agreement, every course taken at Gateway counts toward a degree at Sullivan University with students being able to complete three full years of their bachelor’s degree at community-college tuition rates.

"For students and their families, this agreement is designed to maximize their time and their finances," Dr. Marr said.

Under the agreement, Gateway students pursuing an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Supply Chain Management will work with the school's Transfer Office throughout their first two years enrollment. As they near completion of their AAS degree, the students will be directed to meet with an advisory at the Sullivan University Center for Learning in Northern Kentucky.

During the meeting with an advisor, students will outline their course schedule for the third year at Gateway and begin the application process to Sullivan in for their fourth year.

Most of the classes will be available online and students can begin working on the program as early as this summer, said Dr. Vicki Berling, executive director of the Sullivan University Center for Learning in Fort Mitchell.

"We specifically crafted this program because of the concentration of career opportunities in logistics and supply chain management in our region," Dr. Berling said. "Many local employers need workers with professional skills, and that's what Sullivan and Gateway can provide through this agreement."

Dr. Marr said that for employers, the agreement is "ideal" because students are fully immersed in supply chain and logistics management courses throughout their four years of instruction.

"They transition from an operations orientation at Gateway into a management perspective through the higher level courses in supply chain and logistics management at Sullivan University," Dr. Marr said. "Both institutions have designed their programs to enable students to work throughout their enrollment. This allows students to apply what they are learning in class to the workplace immediately."

Sullivan and Gateway have an existing articulation agreement in supply-chain management as well as in criminal justice/justice and public safety administration, management and accounting.

"Gateway is the ideal partner because, like Sullivan University, their programs are career-oriented and address employers’ needs for skilled workers with strong communication, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities," Dr. Marr said. "We are impressed with the caliber of Gateway Community College students and are enjoying working with their graduates as they transition into Sullivan University. We appreciate the support of President Fernando Figueroa and the excellent work of Transfer Coordinator Darrin McMillen in spearheading these agreements."

In addition, the Sullivan College of Technology and Design - a part of the Sullivan University System -  has an agreement with Gateway in Advanced Manufacturing. And Sullivan University is currently working on additional agreements with Cincinnati State Community College and Sinclair Community College.