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Quick Reference Guide

(Note: Some people contact the Transfer Services when they are planning to transfer *to* Gateway from another school. These individuals should be referred to Admissions.)

Tier One Service Topics:

  • Brochures available from the Transfer Services. Applications can be downloaded from the Transfer Services web page, which has information about eligibility, etc.
  • For both Gateway2NKU and Gateway2TMC – students must be enrolled at Gateway in a minimum of six credit hours and be in good academic & financial standing to be eligible. Students must select an academic pathway.
Students who complete the 33 hour general education core (the top section of the AA/AS advising sheet) and transfer to any public four-year college in Kentucky (i.e. UK, UofL, Morehead, WKU, etc.) will be considered done with general education requirements. However, students still have to fulfill major requirements which are included as general education courses at the four year schools. For instance, a student can take COM 252 at Gateway instead of COM 181 to complete the Oral Communications requirement. If they finish their core and transfer to NKU – where most majors require public speaking as a major requirement, the student would be considered gen ed certified, but they would still need to take NKU’s public speaking course for their major.)
  • GC3 allows students to take classes at the Gateway rate at any Cincinnati-area college. Students must be enrolled in at least six hours at Gateway and be in good financial standing. More information at
  • Student can pick up a GC3 application at the Registrar’s Office on the Edgewood Campus. The student should have identified the class section at the external institution that they want to enroll in before picking up an application.
  • All non-developmental courses will transfer.
  • To transfer Gateway credits (including students who were at Gateway as visiting students) – student requests an official copy of their transcript be sent from the registrar’s office to the institution of their choice.
  • For specific information about how the credits will transfer – either refer to the receiving institution’s transfer page (for instance: or escalate to Tier 2.
  • Course equivalencies, scholarships, prerequisites, application requirements, contact information and transfer major destinations – these will require actually looking up information on the various websites.
  • Anything transfer-related that can’t be answered with the above.
  • Additional information on any of the above topics.