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The library of Gateway Community & Technical College is a hybrid institution that combines on-campus, core reference materials with electronic resources. Combined with our partner library, the Kenton County Public Library, the Gateway community has hundreds of thousands of print and electronic resources readily available.

Tier One Service Topics:

Gateway Library website contains information and resources regarding accessing research databases, program specific lists, access live CHAT feature and partner library’s information.

From library website click SEARCH and SEARCH ALL EBSCO databases. If customer needs assistance with the searching the databases, the issue should be escalated to Tier 2.

From Gateway library website, click SEARCH and KCPL catalog. To place an item on hold at KCPL customers need their library card information and can choose “storage” as the location and we will deliver item(s) to campus of their choice.

Faculty often place resource items on hold within the Information Commons. These materials are located in the locked cabinets of the IC help desk. Students may use these while in the commons area and must leave their student ID card within the IC help desk, place the ID card on the shelf that the material was retrieved from. This cabinet remains locked at all times. The cabinet key is available in the Commons Help Desk drawer.

Magazines are housed for all to use in the Information Commons area. They are not for check-out.
This resource icon is on every student computer – also accessible through BlackBoard under ECommunity, search for EASY and open. It is an online tool with resources for Computer and Library information literacy
 Information Literacy Instruction (library visit) – instructors can request a librarian to come to their class via the faculty/staff page on the website. Look for Library Services.
 ID cards are available at the Information Commons on each campus. They are free to currently enrolled students, staff and faculty. ID cards expire Aug. 31 each year and free renewals are required for students, faculty and staff. Replacement for lost or stolen cards ID’s cost $10.00. Payment for a replacement ID card can be made at the Information Commons desk. ID’s are issued to current students, verify by viewing the student’s current term class schedule two weeks prior to earliest start date on the student class schedule. Directions for creating the ID card are located at the ID machine site. Information Commons has IC lanyards to be distributed upon ID card processing while supplies last.
A library hold is on a student’s account if borrowed items from NKU have not been returned to NKU library, or there is a fine owed to NKU.
  1. Refer student to NKU’s Steely Library to settle account (859) 572-5457 or email *for privacy reasons, NKU cannot release details about student’s account to us beyond telling us whether there is a balance, student must deal directly with NKU.
  2. Once student’s account is settled, NKU staff will email or call Robin Wright to inform her the account has a zero balance. The hold is usually removed within 24 hours.

Troubleshooting: If for some reason a student says they settled the account but the hold is still present – you may need to verify by calling Steely directly at 859.572.5457. If account is zero then email Robin Wright with student’s name and ID # to let her know the hold may be removed.

  • In-depth research help (plagiarism/citations/MLA-APA formatting, database tools)
  • Additional assistance accessing material or utilizing services from partner library (KCPL)
  • Providing Information Literacy Instruction (formal-classroom and informal one-on-one)