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Financial Aid

Quick Reference Guide

Tier One Service Topics:

  • Apply for Federal Aid:
    • Students will need their FAFSA ID, taxed and untaxed income information from 2014
    • Please provide them with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the web worksheet.
  • Student should record their FAFSA ID, username and password, and answers to challenge questions for use in correcting Free Application for Federal Student Aid, Student Loans, and renewing FAFSA
  • If a student ask for help, please provide the following information:
    • Each campus hosts a FAFSA workshop each week. Find the schedule here.
    • Students are welcome to use the computer labs to complete their FAFSA. Please provide to them the FAFSA on the web worksheet.
    • If the student says they need help completing the FAFSA today, please ask the student if they have their FSA ID, tax return information (parent’s information as well if dependent) and untaxed income (parent’s information as well if dependent).
      • If not, please refer the student to the FAFSA workshops.
      • If yes, please IM or call the FA on duty. The FA staff member will let you know if he/she can meet with the student. Then escalate the ticket.
  • Applying for Scholarships: Internal and External Awards, see website for details

FAFSA Received: PeopleSoft; Student Service Center; view Financial Aid; if the year is highlighted – we have their FAFSA.

  • Review To-Do List (located in Student Self-Service) for which verification form is required. V1, V4, V5 & V6 (There is no V2) and if Tax information is required
  • Review the forms for cosmetic items.
    • Open ended questions are answered with a response.
    • Signatures are present for student and if a Dependent student – a parent’s signature.
  • Date stamp the documents to show when items were received.
  • V4 & V5 forms must be signed by a staff member. A copy of their valid state or federal ID (not expired) must be copied. The Education form must be signed in front of a staff member. Please sign the copy of the ID with your name & date. The date must match the date on the Educational Form. (ONLY FOR STAFF MEMBERS)
  • Place forms & documents in designated area.
  • For information about how to answer a question, please reach out (IM or Phone) to the Financial Aid person on duty. Financial Aid person will let you know if the ticket needs to be escalated.
  • Notify student to allow up to two weeks (10 Business days) for processing once information is received.
  • A FAFSA must be received and review complete to submit a loan request.
  • Have the student to log into their self-service account. Finances > Loan Request link. The amount requested will be split between two semesters.
  • First time loan only: Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling must be completed. Both items will be online at
    • Once this has been completed, it will be good for 10 years. Please guide students to the self-service computers in the Information Commons to complete these tasks.
  • For information about how to answer a question, please reach out (IM or Phone) to the Financial Aid person on duty. Financial Aid will let you know if the ticket needs to be escalated.
  • Verification or other Financial Aid items on their “To-Do List” must be completed before aid can be offered.
  • Awarded aid will show on the Student Self-Service page
    • PeopleSoft: Student Service Center; view Financial Aid; click the year of enrollment
  • Notify student to allow up to two weeks for processing once information is received.
  • Grants are free money that doesn’t have to be paid back. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will let the Financial Aid Office know if you are eligible for Grants. Grants can come from the state and the Federal Government.
  • Loans are programs that must be paid back six months after graduating from your program plan, dropping below six credit hours or withdrawing completely from classes. A student must be in at least six credit hours to be eligible for a loan.
Federal Work Study is a program where a student can apply and work on campus. The student will be paid by this financial aid program. A student can find jobs online at then click on job seekers. All jobs pay 8.00 dollars an hour. A student must apply to find out their eligibility for the program.
If all items on the “To-Do List” are complete, the student is enrolled in classes, and the student still doesn’t have aid, reach out to the Financial Aid on duty and they will let you know to escalate the ticket.
Financial Aid will disbursed six weeks after a student’s first college course.
  •  SAP is required to receive federal financial aid.  A student must be making progress toward completing a program by earning a 2.00 cumulative GPA, completing 67% of all attempted courses, and completing the program within 150% of hours as stated in program information (ex: 90 hours to complete 60 hour program)
  • Review “To-Do List” to see if a student is required to submit a SAP request.
    • PeopleSoft: Student Service Center; “To Do List”; SAP required
  • The SAP request is on the student’s student self-service under financial. Please check Financial Aid webpage for SAP deadlines.
  • Any further questions, escalate the ticket.
  •  A student can charge in the bookstore 10 days before the start of their first college class.
  • A Financial Aid Release form must be completed.
    • Please Review PeopleSoft: Student Service Center; Red Star at the top
  • A student must have a refund generated on their account.
    • Please Review PeopleSoft: Student Service Center; Account Inquiry; Outstanding Charges subtract Pending Financial Aid
    • If there is a negative number, this means the student is receiving a refund and the student is eligible to charge in the bookstore for this amount. Please escalate the ticket to FA and let the student know they will receive an email within 24 hours on when they can go to the bookstore.
    • If there is no aid or refund, please IM or call FA and have the student wait to be seen. A book advance may be possible if items have recently been completed or submitted.
  • At the start of a semester, there will be an automatic bookstore list that will be housed on the Information Commons Ticketing System. Please review the list to see if a student is on the list. If so, the student can go directly to the bookstore. If not, the student will need to see FA.
    • The following items will keep a student off the automatic bookstore list. Please review before contacting FA:
      • No financial aid release form on file
      • No refund
      • Not enrolled in classes
      • Suspended from Financial Aid
  • A voucher cannot be sent to the bookstore if a student has already received their refund and does not have any pending aid come into their account.
  •  Review “To-Do List” for items missing. If items are missing, a student cannot charge in the bookstore.
  • If a student has classes, a refund, not suspended from financial aid, classes already started and still not on the bookstore list. Please reach out to the Financial Aid person on duty. They will let you know if it needs to be escalated.
  • Generally a student must be able to answer one of the following yes to be considered independent:
    • be over the age of 24, be married (at time of completing the FAFSA), be financially responsible for a child, children, or other dependents, be a Veteran, both parents deceased, ward of dependent of the court, has a legal guardian (appointed by the court), working on a masters or PhD program or a risk of being homeless
  • If dependency questions on FAFSA are all no, then parent information is required.
    • A parent’s refusal to supply the information does not make the student independent
    • A student living on his/her own, but answering dependency questions no, remains dependent and must supply parent information

If a student still has questions, please IM or call FA and then escalate the ticket.