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Disability Services

Quick Reference Guide

Tier One Service Topics:

Accessing Disability Services

Disability Services is here to help students with disabilities have equal access to all areas of a Gateway Community & Technical College education. Our services are based on individual needs.

Students can make an appointment by contacting the department at 859-442-4120 or email GW-disabilityservice@kctcs.edu to schedule an appointment.

View details about the Disability Services department. Details include information regarding Letter to Parents, Disability Services Student Handbook, Scholarships for Persons with Disabilities, Transitioning to College, Office for Civil Rights, Disabilities, Opportunities, Internet working and Technology and Documentation Verification Outline.

Students complaints regarding delivery of accommodations that have been identified by the Disability Services. Escalate to complaint area of ticket system.

Students pointing out accessibility problems e.g. computer access, elevator not working, room or furniture not accessible. Escalate to complaint area of ticket system.

Students indicating that they are being bullied because of their disability. Escalate to complaint area of ticket system.

When creating a Tier two ticker for Disability Services, reference appropriate FERPA restrictions.