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The Counseling Department is here to provide support to students struggling with non-academic issues. Our role is to empower students, to assist them in overcoming life barriers, and to support academic retention at Gateway. We offer crisis intervention, personal and career counseling, therapeutic case management, support groups, peer mentoring, and student resources. The Counseling department also believes in giving back to the community by offering volunteer and service learning opportunities to our local community partners.

During your college experience you may face academic, financial, work, and family challenges that may distract your academic progress. At Gateway, we are prepared to help you secure resources to meet your needs and to help you complete your educational goals. We highly encourage you to review and apply for the many short term assistance programs, so that you can achieve long term success. Resources include health insurance benefits, SNAP (food stamps), housing, child care, peer mentoring, counseling, substance abuse, mental health, parenting support, ex-offender support, domestic violence, stalking and/or sexual assault, abusive relationships, stress, self-esteem building, depression, coping skills, mental health issues, life skills, grief and loss.

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Please escalate other Counseling items through ticketing service using gw-counselingcommons email account.

Please contact 911 and then campus security

Starfish Non-academic decision tree and the CARE Team assessment tool sheet.