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Reimagining Remote Teaching Volume 30

by Dr. Kerri McKenna - May 5, 2021

With finals week, we are officially wrapping up 2020 – 2021!  What better way to celebrate the end of our academic year than to celebrate this year’s Student Choice Award Faculty Recipients!

Even though a few faculty received nominations, I know each of you have stepped up for your students and helped them successfully navigate a challenging year.  Thank you for all your dedication and commitment.  

You are truly amazing, and it has been my honor to teach beside each of you this year. 

Full-Time Faculty

Adara Holbrook

  • Adara is a great instructor. She is always there for her students whenever we need her. She knows the material she teaches. She teaches so all students learn from it.
  • She always makes sure everyone understands the class. She tries new learning techniques with us to see if something will work better.
  • She shows so much gratitude towards her students and always there to lend a helping hand.
  • Very respectful and genuinely cares about our success.
  • Adara is always ready to help her students succeed and shows compassion and understanding. 

Kerri McKenna

  • She had been an outstanding teacher and she makes me feel like I am a good student. She cares about her students more than any other teacher that I have ever had, she makes learning fun, and she is able to talk to me about things that sometimes aren’t school related.
  • She is kind and caring and goes above and beyond the normal teaching atmosphere to reach out to kids and relate with them in ways that help create a comfortable environment. 
  • She is very inclusive and respectful. She isn’t one sided.
  • Very open and welcoming to new students and always makes learning easy and fun.

Andrea Eden Shingleton

  • Cared so much about not only the success rate of students but more important their understanding of content. She inspired me to be better and work harder.
  • She is brilliant in every capacity! She is an amazing nurse!
  • She cares about her students; she goes above and beyond to assist her students.

Kairi Byrd

  • She has been supportive of our entire level throughout the entire nursing school process, even when some students have made it difficult for her. She is always fair and always explaining her reasoning. She is an amazing instructor.
  • She is engaging and caring. She dedicates her time to her students.

Jana Camm

  • I have had Professor Camm for 2 classes now. She has been nothing but supportive and shows interest in her student's futures. I really enjoyed her classes and consistent communications from her.
  • She is very respectable and genuine. She deserves this award because she makes sure that each one of her students get the help they need. 

Sarah Smith

  • Sarah has excellent resources in every class I have enrolled in with her. She is up to date on the latest information. She is always willing to go above and beyond to share all this information.

Eileen Walter

  • She is so caring and full of fun. She helps her students fully understand the work in class so they can be successful outside of the classroom. I appreciate all her hard work.
  • All my life I have never been a fan of math. However, this semester I have had Mrs. Walter for two 8-week courses, and I have grown to enjoy the subject simply because of the way she teaches it.

Mike Riley

  • I have gone without an advisor for over a year due to switching majors. Mr. Riley came in welcomed my brother into the call and explained everything. He is a fantastic teacher and has amazing response time.

Anissa McBreen

  • She always answers my questions. Helps in all the ways she can. Very kind to all of us. A great teacher. Her class is a great class to be in.

Jennifer Miller

  • She is always so helpful in lab and lecture. She makes learning Anatomy so fun! She goes above and beyond for all her students. She is so dedicated and loves what she does.

Amy Carrino

  • She explained everything to me to the point I understand and know what I am doing. She is kind, patient and responsive and encouraging. I really appreciate her.

David Schaefer

  • Helped me with balancing work and school and my scholarship paperwork. I am very appreciative.

Michelle Deeley

  • She is patient when technology didn’t work and respected everyone's opinion. She was caring and considerate. She is very knowledgeable on so many levels. I enjoyed her class.

Lisa Hubbard

  • I have had Dr. Hubbard for two of my classes so far, and she has a lot of education and experience. She truly cares about her student's success, and I really think it was an amazing idea for her to start teaching nursing.

Patrick Rickert

  • Patrick goes above and beyond to make sure students are taken care of and understand course work as well as other courses. If you are having an issue, he will do anything he can to help.

Matthew Hafley

  • Created nice environment where I feel safe to ask questions and be myself.

Bill Jing

  • Bill is an incredible professor who has went above and beyond to ensure the success of his students. He's included plenty of resources including lectures and outside references.

Part-Time Faculty

Al Phinney

  • Coming in on Saturday for extra teaching. Super helpful and knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile and helped me get a job in my career path.
  • He came in on a Saturday to offer us more hands-on experience. We were all very grateful Al was willing to sacrifice what little bit of personal time he has for our benefit. 

Helen Farrell

  • She creates such a comfortable atmosphere in her classroom. Helen is very encouraging but also very straightforward. She really wants us all to succeed.

Greg Hudson

  • He was very interested in helping all the students in the class succeed. E never made anyone feel bad or belittle them for being wrong. He was an inspiring professor.

Andrea Milani

  • Positive feedback is offer in a timely manner. She made me feel important and I was able to push through some difficult situations while maintaining my academics.

Stanley Baker

  • He is an excellent professor. He was caring enough to work with me so I could succeed in his class. He is very encouraging and respectful. He shares real work experiences and I love that.

Nicole Brooks

  • Nicole Brooks is the best professor I have had at Gateway. I have never walked into a classroom and been so eager to learn. She makes learning fun and interesting without getting us off track.