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Apprenticeship Information

Benefits of an Apprenticeship 


  • A highly-skilled and trained workforce
  • Higher retention/lower turnover rates
  • Eliminate skills gap and build a pipeline for your future workforce
  • Increase through-put, productivity and employee engagement
  • Increase soft skills of employees 


  • Nationally-recognized occupational credential
  • Industry-specific skills
  • Higher wage opportunities through a consistent progression built into apprenticeships
  • Quality on-the-job training and related technical instruction

Types of Apprenticeship


  • Company-specific model based on employer needs 
  • Duration varies based upon company request
  • Students can enroll in and attend courses at a Gateway campus or online, or specific training can be delivered at the employer site. 
  • Provides the apprentice with training that can be aligned with industry certifications and academic credentials
  • Gateway works with the company to develop the content it desires to provide company-specific essential skills for its workforce and serves as the student liaison.


  • Industry-specific model based on formal standards set forth by the Department of Labor
  • Typically last 1 to 5 years and can be time and/or competency-based depending on the specific occupation
  • Students complete industry-driven content and training through Gateway campus class offerings or customized delivery on site
  • Provides the apprentice with a nationally recognized industry certification
  • Gateway works as a liaison with the Kentucky State Office of Apprenticeship to identify the appropriate journey worker program, establish the framework for the apprenticeship, file all required paperwork, and maintain compliance records for the employer.