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Family Independence Initiative

The Family Independence Initiative Program (FII) and Gateway students who have dependents in their home make a two-year commitment to each other. Families work together in groups of 5-12 families. Each working to reach self-selected goals they believe will help benefit their future. Group members meet monthly, hold each other accountable, and provide support and resources to each other. FII provides a $300 technology stipend to ensure families have access to a phone, tablet, or other devices where they can upload data to the cloud-based data system.

The data families share is used to help them measure their own progress and to inform FII how things are going. Families receive a data stipend during the first 6 months for sharing their information on the platform.

Once students/families have been in the program six months, then they are able to tap into the UpTogether fund where students/families can access up to $2,400. The UpTogether fund supports students in achieving their goals. FII participants are able to use funds towards buying a home, take care of transportation issues, provide enrichment opportunities for their children, and countless other goals. For more information, contact our Students Resources team at 859-815-7258 or