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Administrative Withdrawal

Form Instructions

It is the goal of Gateway Community and Technical College to foster an environment in which each student is able to fully pursue his or her academic goals. When life circumstances prevent
a student from achieving these goals, it is the intent of the College to provide a mechanism
whereby the student may withdraw from his or her studies and return to them when able.


  1. Students who see to withdraw from the College because of life circumstances must submit a written request to the Gateway Community and Technical College Registrar’s Office. An
    administrative withdrawal request may be made in extraordinary cases in which serious
    illness or injury (or other life circumstances) prevent a student from continuing their classes.
    This request for withdrawal should include the reason for the withdrawal and how the life
    circumstance, illness or condition affected their ability to maintain their status as a student at the College. Discuss why withdrawing from courses through the regular process was not an option for them.

    Please provide the College with documentation of the life circumstance such as a letter
    from their treating medical doctor, recommending a withdrawal from College for medical
    reasons. This letter must state the specific rationale for the recommendation, including why
    the illness or condition prevented the student from maintaining their status as a student. The letter must be on the physician’s stationary, and include the date of the onset of the illness or condition. A statement recommending withdrawal without the supporting rationale will not be considered.
  2. Students who are granted an administrative withdrawal will receive a “W” for all courses
    attempted during that term. Students will be responsible for tuition owed.
  3. Students should be aware that withdrawals may negatively impact the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement for financial aid. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with the Gateway Community and Technical College Financial Aid Office.
  4. Requests must be for current semester only. Requests will not be considered for courses with posted grades or “E” grades already issued.
  5. If the signature on the administrative withdrawal form is by someone other than the student,
    necessary documentation needs to be attached to the administrative withdrawal form.
  6. Students enrolled in distance learning courses offered by other KCTCS colleges will need to follow the specific college withdrawal policies for the course in which they are enrolled. If the student enrolls in online courses from more than one KCTCS institution, each institution’s policy must be followed, specific to the course in which they are enrolled.
  7. Submit complete form and supporting documentation to the Gateway Student Records Office, Edgewood Campus.