Scott/Madison Corridor Fulfills Multiple Goals

Technology, Innovation, and Enterprise Building. Using a scattered approach, the college has been able to acquire properties within a footprint between 3rd and 7th streets along Scott Blvd and extending to Greenup and Madison Avenue. An alley way that runs parallel to Scott and Madison will provide a walking and biking pathway to many of the buildings. Called Electric Alley, the streetscaped thoroughfare will also be attractive to residents and visitors as they visit retail and restaurant establishments along the pathway.

The area is being developed in concert with the Covington Center City Action Plan and Vision 2015s goals for education, economic development and urban renaissance.

The use of existing buildings has worked successfully in the downtowns of Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina and Louisville, Kentucky. Those areas have seen a boost in the local economy as students, staff, faculty and visitors bring spending and jobs to the area.

Covington expects a similar impact with the influx of 5,000 new students and the preservation of the unique historic architecture.