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Get Ready for \;Super \;So meday \;2019! \;


Gateway is excited to announce the date of \;the \;2019 \;Supe r \;Someday \;high school recruitment event. We hope you and your students will join us!


Gatew ay's \;Super \;Someday \;2019

Thursday\, \;February \;21\, \;2019&nb sp\;

8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Intended A udience: \;High School Juniors and Seniors

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Each school will be responsible for their transportatio n \;

Lunch wil l be provided

More details to follow


Intereste d? We sure hope so! To reserve your spot now\, \;please co mplete the online interest form.


Questions? Contact:

Kristen Smitherman-Voltaire

Diversity\, Inclusion\, and Community Engagement

Office : 859-815-7682 | Mobile: 313-515-8029< span style='font-family:"Century Gothic"\,sans-serif\;color:#333333'>

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