business people at workWe encourage you to be prepared as possible for the workforce when you graduate. To do that, we offer student work experiences.

A student work experience is an unique form of education which integrates classroom study with paid or unpaid, planned, and supervised educational work experience. This experience should be related to your major. This opportunity allows you to acquire essential skills by being exposed to the reality of the world of work beyond the weldingboundaries of the campus, enhancing your self-confidence and career direction. Some of these work experiences are required courses in certain program areas and in other program areas it is an elective (see your SMART plan for more details).

Cooperative work experience (co-op) is a paid employment experience related to your occupational objectives. Your instructor assigns your course grade after appropriate consultation with your on-site supervisor. 

To find out if your academic program has work experience opportunities please              contact your academic advisor.

Student Eligibility and Responsibilities 

  1. Students must complete at least half of their required courses in their major. Faculty exception and program procedures will be followed as applicable. 
  1. Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA. Students in certificate programs must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA for all required courses in the certificate of record. Program procedures may require a higher GPA per industry, board, or accreditation regulations.
  2. If a transfer student, the student must have completed at least one term at Gateway (faculty exception).
  3. Student work experience hours may not be conducted during schedule class hours. 

Take the Work Experience Student Agreement form to meet with your advisor to start the approval process for a co-op.

Cooperative Education, Internships, Externships, Practicums and Clinical Practices are considered courses and tuition will be paid for the course in order for it to appear on the student's schedule and transcript. Students will receive either a letter grade or Pass/Fail depending on the course number.