Gateway AmeriCorps is currently enrolling students who would like to help their community while gaining on-the-job experience. Student’s strengths and skills are matched with the needs of local non-profit agencies such as United Ministries, Life Learning Center, Family Nurturing Center, the City of Covington, and more!

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Mission Statement: Our mission is to connect the skills and expertise of Gateway Community & Technical College students with opportunities that build, enhance, or promote the service capacity of non-profit organizations, government agencies, and schools in Northern Kentucky.

Who We Are: Gateway AmeriCorps is a state funded, Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism & Service program designed to connect students’ strengths and skills to meaningful community service projects that will help increase the capacity of local non-profits, local/regional government agencies, or educational entities so they can serve more people.

What We Do: Gateway AmeriCorps matches students with a community agency in need of their skills sets to help the agency serve more community members. Members commit to serve with the organization for four, five, or six months, completing at least 300 hours of service. Members do a variety of tasks for the organizations that may include organizing systems and processes, building spreadsheets, improving websites, assisting clients, and much more depending on the skills needed by the agency.

All of the Gateway AmeriCorps members are responsible for collectively serving more than 2,000 Northern Kentuckians, and for ensuring at least 70% of participating agencies report improvements in the organization’s capacity.

Member Benefits: Members receive a monthly living allowance and a $1,221 education award upon completion of their 300-hour service term.