#withGateway Because ...

Ashley Browning

Ashley B.

I love that at Gateway, I can take classes at my own pace. I also love that I'm able to take majority of my classes online, allowing me to be home with my kids!

William Brock

William B.

I love that Gateway inspires students to perform at their full potential. The positive environment, friendly staff and peers are just icing on the cake.

caitlin carnes

Caitlyn C.

I loved having the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual! 

kyle fischer

Kyle F.

The flexibility of classes to be able to work and go to school at the same time.

ronald haysbert

Ronald Haysbert

Being able to "turn the light bulb on" in only one student. I know that every one will not get it but I strive to get the ones that really want it.


Kimberly Hima

Kimberly Hima

Small progress each day means students are learning and retaining the information they will need in the future. Some say that college takes too long, but time will pass anyway. Those who put in the time and effort will have something to show for it.

steven withers

Steven W.

Gateway provided me the opportunity to gain an affordable education to ensure my future. I'm forever grateful for my time here at Gateway, and a very special thank you to the amazing faculty that guided me to the point I'm at today.

caitlin carnes

Kristina H.

I love knowing that my instructors & advisor truly care about my success! They should be celebrated as well!

kyle fischer

Brieana W.

I never thought graduating college was an option for me being that I needed to work two jobs to support myself but with Gateway's variety of classes and campus locations I'll be graduating Spring 2018!

mckenzie roberts

McKenzie R.

What I love about Gateway is that majority of the teachers are really nice and flexible with you.


branie bowling

Brandie B.

I love how laid back yet knowledgeable and fair the professors are. I also love being able to do most of my work online. 

mckenzie matt

McKenzie M.

I love that the teachers work with the students, and care about preparing them for their futures.

dawn bloemer

Dawn Bloemer

I love seeing students become successful. Nothing makes me prouder than when students pass the National Registry Test and becomes certified EMTs and Paramedics!

tayna zuniga

Tayna Z.

I chose Gateway's nursing program because of my daughter. I want to give back and help moms like they helped me.

allison embree

Allison E.

Being able to get my pre requisites completed at a great price and having great one on one talks with professors!


brian soper

Bryan S.

I love how much attention the staff gives each student. The staff truly wants to see each student succeed at their fullest potential.

melanie stallkamp

Melanie S.

Seeing how hard the students work each day at their education and the desire to help them be successful in obtaining their goal of becoming a registered nurse.

april slusher

April S.

The best part about Gateway is the professors. The professors work side by side with me, helping me gain skills I never even knew where there.

elizabeth f

Elizabeth F.


susan landis

Susan L.

Gateway was where my dreams came true! I met my husband at Gateway. It has been easy for me to get my college education which was one of my biggest dreams! My husband and I are going to graduate this May together with our Certificate in Nurse Aid!


Ashley Browning

Cody B.

Smaller classes and near home. Friendly environment!


shaunna leister

Shaunna L.

The Professors, I admire and respect them. When I was dealing with life and all that comes with it, many of my professors helped with advice, guidance and a shoulder to cry on.

ty fitzgerald

Ty Fitzgerald

To help a student succeed in their goal at Gateway.

kyle fischer

Jennifer M.

The community atmosphere, and some of opportunities that I have come across 

kyle fischer

Aileen S.

I love that tutoring is there to help you in any subject. The teachers will take time to help you understand anything. They want you to succeed here at Gateway.


teresa weatherspoon

Teresa W.

I feel at home there and have made numerous friends. I love my advisors and the choices they have helped me to make.

Abdou Ba

Abdou B.

Thanks to my employer and Gateway, I had an apprenticeship that covered 100 percent of my tuition and provided a paying job in the high demand/high wage field of manufacturing.

patrick rickert

Patrick Rickert

I’m inspired by the opportunity to support advanced manufacturing technicians in their pursuit of world-class craftsmanship and comprehensive systems knowledge.

diane frtiz

Diane Fritz

I am inspired each day by witnessing the excelling of my students to higher levels of learning. I enjoy helping all students achieve their life-goals.

eggla mason

Eggla M.

I love that Gateway inspires and encourages students to realize their full potential. They have helped me grow into the person I am and have given me the ability to serve the Latino community and encourage growth and success.


rebecca price

Rebecca P.

Choosing Gateway to pursue my massage therapy career was the best decision I have made. The hands on training and the one-on-one time with the instructors truly helped expand my knowledge in this career.  Everyone at the institution is there to help you succeed.

chandra huff

Chandra H.

Nice people students and faculty.

sam collier

Sam Collier

Knowing that what we do helps students succeed. Talking to graduates about their career and life success.