Crime Reports

Gateway is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students and employees. The College is required to report criminal activities that occur on our campuses. This information is provided in the form of the Federal Campus Security and Campus Crime Disclosure Act (CLERY) and the Michael Minger Act, and is located at Campus Crime Reports.

In compliance with the federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000, the Kentucky Community & Technical College System, through the Kentucky State Police, makes available information concerning registered sex offenders who may be employees or students at your college: Sex Offender Registry website. According to the Kentucky State Police, the registry web site is for public safety and awareness. Pursuant to KRS 525.070 and 525.080, use of information from this web site to harass a sex offender is a criminal offense punishable by up to 90 days in the county jail. More severe penalties apply for more severe crimes committed against a sex offender.

Gateway Incident and Crime Log

2016 Annual Campus Incident and Crime Report

Incident Report Form

Clery Reports (also called Security on Campus):

2016 - Boone Campus 
2016 - Covington Campus 
2016 - Edgewood Campus 
2016 - Urban Metro Campus

2015 - Boone Campus 
2015 - Covington Campus 
2015 - Edgewood Campus 
2015 - Urban Metro Campus

2014 - Boone Campus 
2014 - Covington Campus 
2014 - Edgewood Campus 
2014 - Urban Metro Campus

Minger Reports

2016 - Boone Campus 2016 - Covington Campus 
2016 - Highland Heights 
2016 - Edgewood Campus 
2016 - Park Hills 
2016 - Urban Metro Campus