Arts & Culture Club

Are you looking for a club to enhance your resume and college experience? We welcome you to join our Arts & Culture Club! Our club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the Edgewood campus in room E215H. Our club is fun with minimal obligations. In short, you can earn extra credit, have fun, and enhance your resume with leadership and volunteer experience.

The Arts & Culture Club aims to achieve three central goals:

  • To provide students with opportunities to participate in fun, cultural enrichment activities to enhance their college experience
  • To promote social events for students to meet other students and make friends
  • To provide students with leadership and volunteer opportunities to enhance their resume

Join today to invest in your success, achieve your goals, make new friends, and most importantly have fun! To join contact the Arts & Culture Club faculty advisor, Ms. Audrey Ostendorf at or 859-815-7253.

Club Officer Positions


Ms. Jamie Galliher - You may know Jamie from her service with Information Commons and TRIO Project ASPIRE. Welcome and Congratulations Jamie! 

Vice President 

Ms. Tara Tucker - You may know Tara for her work and photos published in Voices magazine! Welcome and Congratulations Tara!


Ms. Liz Brown - Liz has been a student editor for Voices Magazine and we hope to have her again this year. Welcome and Congratulations Liz!

Social Media and Marketing Officers

Ms. Kylee Matthews- You may know Kylee for her work published in Voices magazine! Welcome and Congratulations Kylee!
Ms. Nhung Botkin- You may know Nhung from her involvement with the club last year! We are so happy to have her again this year. Welcome back and Congratulations Nhung!