Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community?

A learning community is a group of students that are actively engaged in learning together and from each other. Learning communities are a cohort-based, interdisciplinary approach to education. Learning Communities at Gateway Learning communities at Gateway Community and Technical College are called LinC courses (Learning In Communities). In most learning communities, no more than 25 students are enrolled in two classes that are intentionally paired with each other. Generally, LinC pairings consist of a developmental course and a general education course, or a general education course and a program core course.

The Benefits of Learning Communities

  • By enrolling in LinC courses students can
  • Make a faster, smoother, and easier transition to Gateway
  • Get to know people and make friends in your major or area of interest right away
  • Create a strong support system comprised of other students, peer mentors, and professors
  • Deepen and broaden your learning experience
  • Understand resources that are available to you at Gateway
  • Connect your learning in multiple classes
  • Boost your chances of success
  • Learn about the possibilities in your major
  • Have fun learning!

What have we learned about LinC courses?

Weve found that students who participate in LinC courses are more likely (than non-participants) to remain active at Gateway and they are more satisfied with their overall college experience in general. Also, LinC students have indicated a greater opportunity to interact closely with faculty, participate in study groups, apply their learning to real world problems, and work with other students.

How do I sign up for LinC Courses?

Contact your advisor if you are interested in enrolling in a LinC course!