Meet Debra

Full-time mother. Study buddy. Transfer student. At first, Debra had no intention of enrolling in classes but after transferring from Gateway, she has earned even higher credentials.

In 2005, my brother was interested in attending college. To get some more information for him, I visited the Gateway Urban Center, formerly the Urban Learning Center. While I was there, I actually ended up registering for classes for myself! At the time, I had been working full time in human resources for about 13 years and thought, “what have I got to lose?” I started taking a few classes at a time. I appreciate that Gateway offers convenient class times that will allow you to fit an education into your schedule.

I was a little worried about being able to juggle a job, school, involvement with my church, my family, and all other aspects of life. I recently got remarried and have two young children at home, as well as two older children, so I started to feel overwhelming. The Gateway faculty and staff made me feel so comfortable. They are so willing to help their students. Even with the support, life often tests you and little did I know some major life changes were about to be thrown my way.

In 2009, I was laid off from my job, so without questioning, I immediately picked up a full course load at Gateway. My daughter enrolled at Gateway, and we actually ended up taking an anthropology class together! It was so much fun to compete with her on tests, work on homework with her, and be able to spend time together.

I quickly completed my Gateway graduation requirements, and I transferred to a university to earn a higher credential. My overall Gateway experience was great, and I’m glad I started here. I am looking forward to my new career path. You have to tell yourself that the difficult part will soon be over, and that all of the craziness will be worth the education you are receiving. I am more because of Gateway.

To learn more about how you can be more, visit the Gateway Admissions office.