Meet Deborah

Completing a college degree seemed to be impossible after I had four children at a very young age. While I had my two oldest children, I was working full time and attempting to take a full time course load at a local college. Balancing all of my responsibilities became so overwhelmingly impossible. When I had my two youngest children, I actually ended up leaving school and work and became a stay-at-home Mom. Once my kids started school, I went back to work in the banking field, which I had experience in, but it just wasn't for me anymore. I truly believe that our children are our future and if I was going to pursue another career I thought, “Why not consider childhood education?” That’s when I considered Gateway.

I knew that to be taken seriously in a career working with children, I needed a degree from an accredited college. Not only does Gateway offer courses that fulfill all requirements for an Associate degree in Childhood Education, Gateway also offers course options that fit my schedule at several locations that are convenient to travel to, all at an affordable price. I love that I am able to find time in my schedule to spend with my wonderful husband, kids and their families.

I wanted my college experience to be warm and inviting and that is exactly what I found at Gateway. Between the faculty, staff and other students at Gateway, I made connections and found people that I feel will always be a part of my life. If a Gateway professor doesn't know the answer to your question, they won’t stop until they find it for you. I appreciate their attention to detail.

It is my ultimate goal to open a day care facility and be my own boss. Gateway has given me the opportunity and the skills to make that dream happen. I am more because of Gateway.

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