Meet Jennifer and Andy

Gateway students, working part-time jobs and working full-time as parents.

Jennifer and Andy's Story: Both Gateway students, they are working part time and full-time parents to little Andrew. They had a full plate -- with life that is. With bills, gas and the cost of living, they always seemed to fall short each month financially.

Then they found Gateway. Jennifer’s major is Health Information Technology, and she can see her graduation date just beyond the horizon. Andy is not far behind her with only 12 credits left until he graduates with an associate’s in applied science degree in Automotive Technology. They used services of the success coach available through the BACC (Benefits Access for College Completion) grant to apply on-campus for public services, instead of taking time out of their full schedules to go to the local office and apply. The on-campus application process generally takes about 10 or 15 minutes.

Jennifer credits the BACC grant and Success Coach Sarah with making life a little easier. The BACC grant is designed to provide short-term assistance for long-term success.

“Applying through BACC was very easy. The people really care about what is going on with you and your life. It is much easier and organized; I was in and out and Sarah kept me updated on everything that I needed to do. Going to the local benefits office is time-consuming and can be frustrating. We really needed the help, and the BACC initiative at Gateway came through for us. Our family is doing wonderful now and can maintain our cost of living!”

BACC and Gateway are helping Jennifer and Andy achieve more than they thought possible. To find out how you can be more, visit our admissions page.