Gateway Student Printing

Gateway Community and Technical College is pleased to announce a new student service that allows students to add credit to their printing account anytime they are logged on to a college computer by using a credit card.

Please note that cash payments will still be accepted at the Edgewood Business Office.

How to Pay for Printing with a Credit Card

1. In order to pay for printing with a credit card, you must log on to a computer on a Gateway College Campus. Once you log on, the PaperCut dialog box will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the desktop.

2. Click on the details link inside the PaperCut dialog box.

3. Internet Explorer will open up to the PaperCut login page. Type in your username and password and click Log In.

4. Once you log in to PaperCut, the Summary page for your printing account will be displayed. From this page, you can look at all the details of your printing account in addition to adding credit to your printing account by paying with a credit card.

5. To start the credit card payment process, click on Add Credit in the tool bar on the left hand side of the page.

6. The printing summary page will change to the Credit Card payment page.

7. In the Amount to add line, click the arrow in the drop down box and select the amount you want to pay to add to your printing account. Then click continue. (NOTE: All student print accounts are reset to $0.00 the day after each semester ends regardless if the funds were given to the student as the $10 worth of free printing at the beginning of each semester, or if the student purchased it themselves.)

8. The secure Paypal credit card payment page will be displayed. In the bottom half of the page, type in your credit card information and expiration date and click Pay Now.

9. If your credit card payment has been accepted, you will receive the page that says Thank you for your payment. It will also include your payment reference number and the amount you paid. To finish the process, leave Paypal, and return to PaperCut, click the link Return to merchant website.

10. You will be returned to the PaperCut Credit Card page. Note that your Current Balance has now been increased by the amount you just paid. Then click Log Out.

11. You will be returned to the PaperCut Log In screen. Just click the X in the upper right hand corner to close Internet Explorer. This completes the entire credit card payment process. 

Download the detailed instructions with screen shots.