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Kentucky WINS Funding Quick Facts

What companies are eligible for KY WINS funding ?

All companies* in the commonwealth of Kentucky are eligible for KY WINS funding.  KY WINS will support projects for:

  • existing Kentucky companies that are expanding and creating new jobs
  • existing Kentucky companies that are requiring employees to learn new skills in their jobs
  • companies that are contributing to Kentucky’s economic development
  • new companies locating in Kentucky

*Government agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions are not eligible.

When can you apply for KY WINS?

Companies can apply at any time; projects are reviewed on a daily basis.

What is the process for obtaining KY WINS funding?  

Contact Workforce Solutions to obtain more information. We will complete the application and submit the project for approval. 

Can KY WINS funds be used for in-house training?

No, KY WINS does not fund in-house training. Bluegrass State Skills Corporation provides funding for company in-house training.

Can KY WINS be used to pay for employee wages while in training or off-the-job-training?

No, KY WINS does not pay for employee wages or off-the-job-training. Bluegrass State Skills Corporation provides funding for off-the-job-training.

What type of training is funded by KY WINS?

Most of the customized training programs delivered to business and industry by a KCTCS college, including Gateway, are eligible for funding.

Is there a dollar limit on KY WINS funding?

No, all usual and customary fees charged by the college are eligible for funding.

What is the time limit on KY WINS projects?

All projects are funded for a period of one year. 

How many times can a company apply for KY WINS funding?

There is no limit on the number of times a company can receive funding.

What is the company cash match for KY WINS projects?               

KY WINS reimburses the college directly for up to 75 percent of the cost of training and companies are required to pay the remaining 35 percent. Colleges will work with the company to identify a schedule for invoicing and companies are invoiced after services are delivered.

Can equipment be purchased for companies using KY WINS?

No, KY WINS will not purchase equipment for a company. Equipment may be purchased for a project but will remain the property of KY WINS.  The cost of the equipment is not included in the company cash match.