Female student in hallway on campus.

Resource Development Office

Our Resource Development Division raises money and awareness for college needs. 

Our staff:

Laura Cook Kroeger, Vice President, Resource Development and External Affairs, 859-442-1177, laura.cook@kctcs.edu

Shelley Menninger, Development Coordinator, 859-441-1176, MMENNINGER0001@kctcs.edu

Amber Decker, Director of Grants and Contracts, 859-442-1147, amber.decker@kctcs.edu

Kristen Smitherman, Project Manager, Grants Office, 859-815-7682, Kristen.smitherman@kctcs.edu

Sandy Ortman-Tomlin, Project Manager - Innovative Pathways in Technology and eLearning Careers (IPTEC) Grant, 859-442-4122, sandra.ortman-tomlin@kctcs.edu

Yvonne Meichtry, Project Director, Mechatronics Grant, 859-442-4190, Yvonne.meichtry@kctcs.edu 

Patrick Lamping, Public Relations Coordinator, 859-442-4175, patrick.lamping@kctcs.edu

Michelle Sjogren, Director of Communications, 859-442-1172, michelle.sjogren@kctcs.edu