Manage Your Money

Managing your personal finances is a major problem for many. KHEAA’s online version of It's Money, Baby shows you how to manage your paycheck, the difference between debit and credit cards, how to avoid identity theft, and other things you need to know.

Financial literacy is an essential life skill for the 21st century. Increase your financial knowledge with Cash Course.   Managing your money can be overwhelming. What budget killer can pose the greatest threat to your wallet? What do you need to know about managing your money? Learn the financial basics. 

    •    Budgeting & Financial Planning 
    •    Overspending 
    •    Banking Your Money 
    •    Dealing with Debit & Credit Cards 
    •    Mixing Money & Family 
    •    Protecting Your Credit 
    •    Preventing Identity Theft 
    •    Avoiding Quick Financial Fixes 
    •    Setting Financial Goals 
    •    Saving Money 
    •    Planning to Be Rich 
    •    Planning for Retirement