Costs and Financial Aid

Payments and Refunds


You have a variety of payment options that you can use. Tuition and fees may be paid via cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Current students (those already enrolled) can make tuition payments on-line using their Student Self-Service account.

We also offer a payment plan that enables you to pay tuition and fees during the course of the semester. This option requires you to have access to a credit card or bank account. For further information, contact the Business Office at 859-442-4174 or


Tuition Refunds

In order to receive a tuition refund, a student must officially withdraw within the refund period specified within this policy. Refunds for sessions different from those listed below are prorated according to the session in proportion to the traditional 16-week session. A session is defined as an enrollment period within an academic term. An academic term (fall, spring, or summer) may have a number of session(s) running concurrently 15-12-8 or 5 week. Calendar days of the session, include all Saturdays and Sundays, but exclude KCTCS recognized holidays. Consult with the GCTC business office for specifics.

Session              100 Percent               50 Percent                 No Refund
15-week               Within 7 days             8th-29th days             After 29th day
12-week               Within 5 days             6th-22th days             After 23rd day
8-week                 Within 4 days             5th-15th days             After 15th day
5-week                 Within 3 days             4th-11th days             After 11th day

Financial Aid Refunds

After all tuition and expenses, for example your books, have been paid for, you may be eligible to receive a refund from you financial aid award.  This usually occurs approximately 6 weeks after the start of your first course.

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System has partnered with Higher One, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to offer faster delivery of refunds/disbursements to students. Higher One provides this method for receiving refunds/ disbursements to KCTCS via the KCTCS Debit Card.

The KCTCS Debit Card is designed to provide you with more choices for receiving your refunds/disbursements, including the “Easy Refund” method. Easy Refund is the fastest and easiest way to gain access to your refund/disbursement money — literally the same day KCTCS releases it.

Our Business Office is the local point of contact for refund questions. For questions about Higher One, the KCTCS Debit Card, or your OneAccount, go to Or check KCTCS Easy Refund Program FAQs.