Takakura, Ilona
Assisant Professor - Developmental Reading
Boone Campus, Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM)
Phone: 859-442-1713
Fax: 859-817-9534

Taylor, Dr. Angie
Vice President of Workforce Solutions
Boone Campus, Classroom/Training Building (CTB) 
Phone: 859-442-1162
Fax: 859-581-3818

Teegarden, Ellen 
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Edgewood Campus SSC
Phone: 859-442-1108
Fax: 859- 442-1107

Terrell, Lisa
Maintenance Technician
Edgewood Campus
Phone: 859-442-4188
Fax: 859-442-1635

Texter, Mary
Instructor - Adult Ed
Boone Campus
Phone: 859-442-1695
Fax: 859-581-3818

Thomas, Theresa 
Associate Professor
Urban Campus - Center for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (TIE)
Phone: 859-442-4130
Fax: 859-442-1622

Tipton, Paul Jr. 
Maintenance and Operations Supervisor
Covington Campus 
Phone: 859-442-4132
Fax: 859-442-1622

Tuemler, Rebecca 
Senior Administrative Assistant
Edgewood Campus NAHSC
Phone: 859-442-4145
Fax: 859-341-6859

Turner, Bessie
Adult Education Center 
Urban Campus - Two Rivers Building
Phone: 859-442-1616
Fax: 859-442-1621